Congress Responsible for Making Mockery of Rahul

It seems that there are some highly-placed enemies of Congress within the party which deliberately design such aspects like symbolic fast of two hours just for photo-opportunity which make mockery of the party and its President. Perhaps it was for the first time that a political fast was held for just about two years that too after a lavish lunch or heavy breakfast as highlighted in social media followed by confirmation of those having enjoyed the delicious Chholey-Bhature lunch. Fast is a full-time day-fast if not an indefinite one. Evidently fasts cannot be symbolic as tried to justified by those having enjoyed Chholey-Bhature.

Such small but significant mistake has caused Congress much harm than the advantage gain to lure schedule-cast votes. Unfortunately Congress President is still politically immature, and cannot find enemies inside the party who deliberately design such aspects which bounce back to harm the party. It is also misfortune for the country when India is deprived of a meaningful strong opposition.