Election Commission Plea at Supreme Court for Autonomy

It refers to Election Commission filing an affidavit at Supreme Court making plea for providing autonomy to Election Commission in respect of financial powers and also to frame election-rules. Plea is perfectly justified in view of successive governments at the center ignoring much-required poll-reforms not only as regularly recommended by the election watchdog from time to time but also even recommended by Law Commission and many other commissions set up for the purpose from time to time. Bitter fact is that no political party wants reform in existing poll-rules which are tailor-stitched to suit heavyweights controlling political parties against national and public interest. Every government defers poll-reforms in name of never-to-arrive political consensus as if every law in Parliament is compulsorily passed only through consensus.

Even simple most reforms like ban on an individual contesting from more than one seat is not implemented simply because Election Commission has no power to do so. What more, Election Commission has no power to de-register non-serious political parties formed just for tax-exemptions to whiten black money even though these are registered by it. Rather rule should be to make recommendations by Election Commission compulsorily implemented in case Parliament fails to take a call on these within six months of Election Commission writing to President of India in this regard who also happens to be Head of Parliament.

Election Commissioners requiring a perfect unbiased should be selected by a collegium also consisting of leader of largest opposition party in Lok Sabha. Any Election Commissioner may be removed only in the manner Chief Election Commissioner is removed. But Election Commission must not be given power to decide on salaries and perks of Election Commissioners which should be equivalent to those of highest-paid bureaucrat of the country., It was misuse of power by Election Commissioners like Supreme Court judges that they gifted themselves with life-time domestic help including for their spouses at public-expense.