ABVP Submits Nominations for the First Time in JU

Jadavpur University recently issued a notification, stating students union election will be held on February 19 and, it’s results will be declared on February 20.

Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), have filed it’s nominations in all the seats of the main panel in Arts and Engineering faculties, for the first time. ABVP have also filed nominations for Class Representatives in almost all Classes.

ABVP Nominations:


  1. Chairperson – Nikhil Das (Water Resource, PG-2)
  2. General Secretary – Pawan Kumar (Electrical, UG-3)
  3. Assistant General Secretary (Day) – Sudhir Yadav (Civil, UG-3)
  4. Assistant General Secretary (Evening) – Rommyojyoti Sarkar (Computer Science, PG-2)
  5. Assistant General Secretary (Salt Lake Campus) – Aryaveer Kumar (Construction, UG-3)


  1. Chairperson – Subhadeep Karmakar (Film Studies, PG-1)
  2. General Secretary – Samprati Modak (International Relations, UG-3)
  3. Assistant General Secretary (Day) – Mrinal Khandit (Philosophy, UG-1)
  4. Assistant General Secretary (Evening) – Ram Mangal Gope (Sanskrit, PG-2)

Utsav Chakraborty, ABVP JU Unit President said, “The LEFT including Radicle and TMCP fear the rising support of ABVP in the Campus. They tear our poster, banner and flags. They give life-treat to ABVP members and, create hindrance to free speech in the Campus.” Utsav added, “They have come together to oppose ABVP in JU. Despite all hindrances, ABVP is successful in winning the hearts of young JU with it’s vibrant ideology, that has divided the SFI unit in the Campus.”

ABVP claims that LEFT facilitates access to non-students for consumption of marijuana and liquor in the Campus and, dominates other thoughts with intolerance, in JU. ABVP expresses keen to restore democracy in the Campus.

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