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Greetings from The Craze Venture!

Hope your family, your team and you are all in sound health.

The Craze Venture is an English Newspaper, passionate about publishing articles and, reconstructing Bharat.

It comes with the following assignments:

  • for the ministries of the Government of Bharat
  • for MSMEs dealing in environment conservation products such as commercial dustbins, etc.
  • for MSMEs dealing in intimate hygiene products and, breast healthcare products,
  • for institutes facilitating financial assistance to education and business
  • for institutes offering skill development training,
  • for institutes researching on the works of the Rabindranath Tagore

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Our Company Social Responsibilities:

Bangiya Bartajibi Mancha was founded on the auspicious day of Varsha Pratipada 2017 (March 28, 2017) to exchange ideas on reconstructing Bharat. SAMADHANA is one of the Slum Welfare Activities (SWA) to discuss young entrepreneurship and, offer legal and medical aid.

Shyamaprasad Granthagar organizes BHARATVA DARSHAN, one of the Slum Welfare Activities (SWA) – the Slum To School project, to exchange arts, culture and literature and, experience humanity and shared culture.

If you agree that our endorsement serves any of the purposes of your organization, kindly connect us with the Public Relations Officer or the officer responsible for Corporate Communications in the organization.

The Craze Venture invites PROs for Communication Partnership Program. For further communication, please feel free to contact us at 8777-51-2868.