Suspending Bonus-payment of Chiefs of Big Private Banks

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has taken step in right direction when it stopped big private banks from payment of bonus to their respective chiefs questioning logic of such annual payment in tunes of crores of rupees annually to each individual. India with vast diversification in incomes where on one hand farmers commit suicide because […]

Congress Responsible for Making Mockery of Rahul

It seems that there are some highly-placed enemies of Congress within the party which deliberately design such aspects like symbolic fast of two hours just for photo-opportunity which make mockery of the party and its President. Perhaps it was for the first time that a political fast was held for just about two years that […]

Recolouring Ambedkar

It refers to BSP leaders earlier accepting and garlanding saffron-coloured statue of Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar because of Buddha religion, then forcing to paint the statue blue due to protests. It is irony that politicians across the party-lines have coloured themselves in particular colours with BSP choosing blue and reserving saffron for BJP. It is […]

Speed Post Available at Fraction of Ordinary Mail Tariff

Postal tariff to mail an ordinary unreliable mail-article (local) weighing 500 gms will be rupees 125 (GST exempted). But same local mail-article if mailed through fast and assured delivery of Speed Post will cost just rupees 36 (inclusive of rupees six as GST). Such irrationality in mail-tariffs costs heavily to postal-department with premium postal-services like […]

Contradictory Supreme Court Verdict on CJI

It refers to Supreme Court verdict by a bench headed by Chief Justice of India wherein while admitting Chief Justice being first amongst equals on one hand, exclusive right to Chief Justice is given to form benches on the other hand. Evidently by giving such a special right to Chief Justice without any fixed norms, […]

Costly Wedding-cards, Platters, Cash-envelopes in Marriages

It has become a fashion and trend of people from upper-middle and higher income groups to spend heavily on fancy wedding-invitation cards made of wood and cardboard worth several thousands of rupees each which are practically of no use. Rather those getting such invitation-cards pull out necessary portion of programme-details, and start pressurising their minds […]

Election Commission Plea at Supreme Court for Autonomy

It refers to Election Commission filing an affidavit at Supreme Court making plea for providing autonomy to Election Commission in respect of financial powers and also to frame election-rules. Plea is perfectly justified in view of successive governments at the center ignoring much-required poll-reforms not only as regularly recommended by the election watchdog from time […]

Uniform Pay-policy Paid From Public-exchequers

It refers to media-reports that central government is considering idea of fixation of salaries of Central Information Commissioners to be left with the governments rather than their being at par with those of Election Commissioners having these equivalents with Supreme Court judges. Whole system of fixation of salaries and pensions of Central Information Commissioners is […]

Rupees 2000 Notes Hoarded as Black Money

It refers to currency-crunch generated because of rupees-2000 notes not coming back to banks. It is clear that these much-criticized notes have become a convenient parking place for hoarders of black money, thus killing the very purpose of demonetization of earlier notes of rupees 500 and 1000 on 08.11.2016. Instead of fearing from criticism, Prime […]

Shift Up Roadways Bus-stand to Give Better Design

It refers to reports regarding New Delhi Railway Station again a new look in coming months. But whole exercise is just part-utilization of heavily-spent funds till a space occupied by UP Roadways in vicinity of the area is handed over to railways for developing prime-most railway-station of capital city of India really an international look. […]