Covid-19 – A Solved Yet a Mysterious Mystery

Like a flock of sheep, people are blindly following the trend without understanding its adversity and impact…

I suppose many breakthrough advancement in this so-called artificially crafted human world has made uncountable discoveries, and innovations. However, the question to this world of high profile innovators and discoverers is that… at what cost? If advancement is so progressive and productive for the welfare of the society, then why transparency is still a huge issue for them.     

The phase of last year’s trauma and misfortune of uncertainty will remain engraved in each soul of this 21st century. Moreover, the global Pandemic of Covid-19 has been a complete era of darkness and disparity for the world with uncountable number of deaths where the chosen leaders of the world have dropped their tears of happiness on the grave of deaths and has staked the piles of fortune on life of each citizen.

On this note it is also the fact that, the youngest scientist Dr. Sinchan Das has time and again warned regarding the severity and complexity of the disease but as the old proverbs says “Truths is always bitter” and in this world of artificiality no one likes to test the bitterness in their prosperity.

He has consistently tired to be in touch with the higher authority, to inform them the actuality of the disease but like an unheard voice, even his words of first protest against the virtually crafted chaos of the disease in the world were suppressed. Moreover, this negligence and ignorance of them has been the cost for the second wave of Covid-19 in India and many part of the world such as London, China, Australia, Italy, Germany and many more. Dr. Sinchan Das has already discussed as well as proved it on the factual ground regarding all the adversity and changes related to Covid-19 on his paper that was published on June 2020. However, as usual his paper got intentionally suppressed by our highly concerned leaders.

However, the biggest irony is that these leaders are now explaining the adversity and complexity of Covid-19 according to those already declarer words and lines of Dr. Sinchan Das without accepting the fact that they did have noticed the clams and statement made by him through various online and offline portals.   

Is Life of public has become a materialistic pitch for the chosen leader of the world today? Or a play where they are the Lord who decides as who gets to lives and who gets dies. Factually, this is how the reality is  today, they are counting the success cases of vaccines but who is there to see what’s goes behinds the curtains of their darkest dirty secretes, which they mask it with the gesture of concern, worry, sadness and virtual support. Considering this it can be said that Covid-19 has become the biggest market of world trade where indirectly but with authority the leaders are pitching the life of people in exchange of their self-prosperity. On a factual ground it can be in a way said that in the virtual pay of a blame games as who spread the viruses, each individuals who called them as the countrymen…… in reality engulfed their own nations due to their unsatisfied greed for more fortune. Moreover, Dr. Das consistently conveys until and unless their greed does not get satisfied, the world will have to face more adversity of the pandemic in more destructive manner.        

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