Fiable Clean Tech’s approach to clean India, will help us save our environment!

We use a dustbin to dump plastic waste so that, some of the plastic which is recyclable plastic, further, could be recycled to make something useful out of it again. And also, to reduce the burden of plastic waste we generate each year. According to a report by the central pollution control board (CPCB), we use 3.3 million tonnes of plastic waste each year. Now the question arises if we are recycling plastics, starting campaigns, reducing plastic uses then why is the use of plastic not reducing? The answer is because due to the rapid urbanization, spread retail chains, cosmetics industries to consumer items. But we often overlook the diurnal dustbins which itself is a material made of plastic. We never feel the urge to know what happens to those dustbins after damage. They are considered to be thrown to dump yard with other unrecyclable plastics that includes a percentage in the rising plastic waste.

POLYVINYL CHLORIDE(PVC) or also known as Vinyl which is the most ruinous plastic for the environment. Starting from the production to use to disposal it releases a toxic chloride chemical that results in severe health problems such as cancer, immune system damage, and hormonal disbalance.  About 40 million tonnes of PVC are manufactured each year. And dustbins are one of those that is made of PVCs’.

As we grew up hearing every problem has a solution, so is this problem of dustbins are. A Dehradun-based company FIABLE CLEAN TECH owned by Mr. Robin Chhabra and his partner in business runs this company. They were in this business since 2016 and under Swachh Baharat Abhiyan they planned to manufacture recyclable dustbins. These dustbins are made up of virgin plastics which are more durable and recyclable. These dustbins after breakage or damage can be again grounded into granules to make other products. At the starting of the process, they use raw virgin material which does not have a mixing of other materials. They also use virgin polyethylene bags that are unusable in the market. They melt these both plastics into granules which undergoes processing that further comes out as dustbins or other products. And then these dustbins or products go out for selling.

Fiable Clean Tech's recyclable dustbins

We might think why buy these dustbins? Because they are durable, inexpensive, reusable, and do less harm to the environment. Even after years, if the dustbin breaks, this can be melted, grounded, processed again to make a new product, and so on, with a reduction in plastic waste. Helping the growing problem of plastic waste in control and environment clean, healthy, and disease-free.

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