A Ray of Hope in The Time of Crisis

Currently, the world is submerged deep into the unburned ashes of their loved ones and dear ones, some unanswered questions surrounding their grave and souls making them cope with the fact that they are no more the existing mass in this so-called real world. Form the very beginning of the second phase of CoVID-19, the team (Digvijay Singh Rajput, PriyankeshMishra, Swastika Subba, Radha Modak, Dolon Senapati) of Humanity Institute for Advanced Medical & Cultural Research (HIAMCR) led by Dr. Sinchan Das have been tirelessly serving their best to what the humanity has to offer.

The team of HIAMCR were the first one to outline that Angiotensin-converting Enzyme-2 (ACE-2) & TMPRSS-2 are the main gateway for CoVID-19 to attack the human body as well as reasoning out oxidative stress followed by Natural disasters and Genetic causes as the main cause of being affected by CoVID-19. They have clearly discussed this in detail through their research paper that was published around January and February 2020.

Along with this, the team has also forecasted about this monster, already in the year of 2017 but they were left unheard. They were also the first to design a detailed case taking proforma. Through this, they have investigated every physical, mental, social and geographical condition of particular populations in different set up.

The major hurdle faced in this regard involved the fact that the team of HIAMCR approached the higher authorities several time to let them practice their proforma on wider mass but they got no replies or further queries.

Without losing much of their time for the reply from government, the team of HIAMCR led by Dr. Sinchan Das jumped into the selfless voluntary act of humanity through tele-consultation, home visits, undertake cases of home isolations even through conduction of health camps. They have reached out the most remote places of India and have been continuing providing their service to humanity without paying unnecessary attention to the government. The second wave of CoVID-19 has severely hit the livelihood of people and most likely, it is going to take ages to recover from such acute losses faced currently.

In context to this, Dr.Sinchan Das has so far attended about 2,228 CoVID-19 patients from different parts of India. They have extended their service to patients of stage I, II, III as well as Post CoVID complication and Pseudo-CoVID pathology.

In accordance to the treatment protocol, the team of HIAMCR has been dealing with the highest number of cases related to Psychological Compromisation, Lung Complication, Palpitation, Neurological Compromisation, and Gastro-intestinal Compromisation. Dr. Sinchan Das Seemed not at all surprised seeing such severe outbreak of CoVID-19, as he was already aware of such a scenario.

Through his endless efforts, Dr. Sinchan Das has constantly warned the society regarding all these issues. However, they have ignored it and kept on manipulating more and more. Further, he has also constantly warned that if we still do not rectify our lifestyles and just keep on abusing nature then the day is not far when the human species will be on the verge of extinction.

Under strict guidance of Dr. Sinchan Das, the treatment protocol designed by HIAMCR team has observed that Belladonna, Arsenicum album, Bryonia alba, Aconite napellus, Spongia tosta followed by other medicine as depicted in the above graph have proved to be of great help in treating CoVID-19 patients. However, the team also pointed out that symptoms and severity of the conditions may vary from person to person. In proceeding with their treatment, the team has strictly followed individualisation, which is one of the guiding principles of homoeopathy.  

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