Pratham an innovative learning organization

Pratham was established in 1995 by Mr. Madhav Singh Chauhan to provide quality education to children living in slums of Mumbai. It has grown into an innovative learning organization and aims to improve the quality of education in India.It is one the largest NGOs in India.
It runs many programs like Education, Vocational training, Research and Advocacy etc.

VOCATIONAL TRAINING was launched by Pratham in 2005 to train youth from age of 18 to 25 coming from economically weak backgrounds. They teach them skills which can help them to get employment.Until now they have reached to more than 25,000 young people.

Young people from villages are reached and called to training centers.The organization provides them training and their stay and food is also taken care of for free. The courses include construction i.e plumbing, electrical, welding and masonry ; hospitality i.e housekeeping, food and beverage service and food production ; automotive mechanic ; healthcare nursing and beauty . The organization first gathers young people from villages then they train them and after the completion of training they are provided with a job.

Since last June due to the pandemic they have been teaching online using various applications. Practicals are conducted at nearby available workshops or course related work places.

Information of centers and offices in Chhattisgarh:
Center for electrical, welding, masonry and plumbing is in Kurud Dhamtari. The Center for four wheeler automobiles is in Mana, Raipur. Center for two wheeler and healthcare is in Bilaspur . Center for healthcare is in Sardani darba, Raipur. For hospitality it is in Rajnandgaon. In Dhamtri there is beauty and hospitality. In Sukma there is hospitality and electrical.
To reach youth they use social media platforms like Facebook, they conduct webinars in youtube where they share valid information and also people working in centers get in contact with them.

Important Links:
Pratham Website:
Vocational training webpage:
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