The Indian’s Gem glorified with Rashtriya Gaurav Award 2021

Yet again, He glorifies his motherland….         

Just like an undisturbed course of water, he has been leaving behind the traces of his selfless contributions since from the day he chose to live for humanity. He comes from a very humble background where he is the only child to his parents. He has been able to achieve all his achievements due to his consistent determination as well as dedication.

He along with his team of H.I.A.M.C.R. is been delivering free services to the needy sections of the society and has been able to contribute his helping hand to many by conducting more than 35 successful camps in both rural and urban regions of India.

He has been titled as well as honoured with many awards for his contribution. On a very recent note in 5th of September 2020, he was been honoured as Young Scientist Award by Global Research Foundation 2020. Further, he was also honoured with Humanitarian Excellence Award by I Can Foundation. Similarly, in the month of October he received a special recognition and commendation from Indian Book of Records for being discovered as the fastest Taankari in Raag-Bhimkauns, for publishing more then 67 research paper, and also for scoring 100% in international Health Science Championship.    

For his patients he is an excellent physician who handles each of his case with same precisions and attention without losing his patience no matter how time consuming it maybe. He believes in the holistic approach of treatment and always ensures that he strictly follows this principle for each of his patients under any circumstances. Similarly, for his students, he has been their guide, mentor, philosopher, a friend and a teacher. In the process of learning and teaching, he always ensures that he is able to learn and diversify his knowledge as well. This is because he believes in the fact that learning is a something that is limitless and boundless that can never has it ending. And as musician, his constant mission has always been the restoration and diversification of Indian classical music without disrupting is traditional authentication.

He has been gracefully playing each of these roles without being distracted or being manipulated despite of being on the position several times where his life has been constantly threaten. He believes in doing his Karma without any condition or expectations. In honour of his untraced contributions and works for the welfare of the society, Dr. Sinchan Das  was been awarded with Rashtriya Gaurav Award 2021 as top 30 Icon of India on 25th January 2021.

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