Tagore research institute is a voluntary organisation that exclusively studies the life and works of Kaviguru  Rabindranath Tagore, since 1965. The institute was founded by Somendranath Bose and formally it was only a music school named “Baitanik”(still existing),after Tagore research institute is founded,when people became more fond to study on Tagore’s works. It is located at Kalighat Park, Kolkata and the building was also named Rabindracharcha Bhavan.

 This institute offers 2 years diploma course, with eight papers on Rabindranath  Tagore and the speciality of this institute is that there are no age limits for joining this course. Many academicians and Tagore scholars have been associated with this institute. The institute has a very rich library on Tagore and contains 7000+ books exclusively on Kaviguru, which consists of different books, periodicals of his time, and many rare manuscripts of Rabindranath Tagore.

The institution has its own quarterly journal named Rabindra Bhavna, this is a general journal that is exclusively based on Tagore’s works. They have also published a special edition journal that is completely based on some renowned associates of Tagore like,Santoshchandra Majumdar, Nandalal Bose, etc. Apart from that, there are some issues of journals based on W.W.Pearson,Leonard Elmhirst etc. Lastly, some issues are completely based on Tagore’s novels, letters, and songs.   

The institute showed enthusiasm researching Kaviguru’s dance, drama, Abriti (Recitation), music and poetry and enlightened his works on rural reconstruction, essays, political ideas, philosophical ideas, etc.

The institute has done some very important research on Tagore. One scheme in which five books have been published is called “Shamayik Potrey Rabindra Proshongo”, which has the larger introduction on the periodicals. The research has different periodicals like, “Sahitya Patrika”, “Probashi”,” Shantiniketan”, “Dhaka Prakash” and finally “Parichai”.

Some researchers have done different researches on the social, political and economical ideology of Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore, one of them is Rabindranather Somajik chinta (social ideas).  Among them, there are also some very important researches done like, Imaginary in Tagore’s Poetry and relationship with younger writers of Bengal, where it is said KaviGuru’s interaction with the younger and upcoming generations, the book named “Uthorshorider Proshongey Rabindranath”.  According to many researchers, Tagore was an institution himself.

The institutions have engaged in many pieces of research, academic and cultural activities like book fairs conducted within “Kavi paksha” as the birth week of Tagore from 1st May to 10th May.

In the pandemic crisis, there are special weekly web seminars are conducted by the institute, where more than sixty people joined from across the country of all ages.

One of the prime researchers of the institute, Dr Abhra Bose said, “ there is no such special occasion we celebrate on a big count, but we appreciate each moment and enjoy every day dedicated to Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore”.

He also added,” he not only inspires the eastern culture,but also appreciated among the western cultures”.

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