A Team from Kolkata Provides Home-to-Home Homoeopathic Medical aid in Rimbick and Lodhoma

Beyond all the odds, Benevolentia Foundation an NGO from Kolkata has consistently proved their persistent indulgence in making their significant contribution for welfare of society through free medical camps, seminars, awareness campaigns, online videos, post, press release and many more. In order to full this same mission, the team of Benevolentia Foundation with its seven members (Dr. Sinchan Das, Miss. Swastika Subba, Mr. Priyankesh Mishra, Miss. Radha Modak, Shantanu Palit, Aparajita Bej, and Arpan Dey) headed to Darjeeling on 13the of May 2022 from Kolkata for organising free homeopathic medical health camp.

On 15th of May, the team reached to camp location at Rimbick as allocated to them by the authority. The team of Benevolentia Foundation were warmly welcomed by the locals and gave this full support for the Homoeopathic medical camp across their areas. The prime focus of the camp organised Benevolentia Foundation in assistance with Dr. Sinchan Das was to treat psychiatric cases such as depression, anxiety, alzheimer, dementia and many more.  Apart from this, the major area of focus for the team in this camp was chronic diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus Type 2, hypertension, several skin diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and many more.   

The medical camp on 16th May was held at Lodhoma. In this particular camp, the Team from Benevolentia Foundation gave home to home visit to each people while counselling them, offering them medicine and recording all the details of their major health issues. Similarly, the team held camp at Lt. Randoz Smriti Bhawan, Rimbick in assistance with very strong support of locals. The team successfully offered medical aid to around 180 patients in Lodhoma and 200 patients in Rimbick despite of lack of support and assistance from the authorities. The locals in the area played an active role while trying to give their assistance from every way possible to make the camp successful as well fruitful for the welfare of the locals. Dr. Sinchan Das, the Director of Benevolentia Foundation show his gratitude to volunteers of Sai Samity and the locals who made it sure that camp gets held under any circumstance. Mr. Kumar Rai, Mr. Prabhu Pradhan, Mrs. Durdarshi Pradhan, Mr. Udhay Mani Pradhan, Mr. Dhan Kumar Pradhan, Miss.Tshring Lamu Sherpa, Mr. Deomum Rai and many other local personals played a active role in making the camp a great success. Apart from this, the team is also highly obliged with the owner of Rimbick Farmhouse Mr.Tatva G. Pradhan, who ensured it, that camp gets held in support of all the locals. Benevolentia Foundation assures to organise more of such camps in future.   

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