Aiyana – The Eternal Flower of My Soul

“May you be the rays of that eternal sun……”

On 3rd of December 1990, Sinchan Das was born to Mr. Harendra Nath Das and Mrs. Susmita Das. And from that very moment his journey of becoming the Dr. Sinchan Das began. His life was full of hardship and challenges even before he first opened his eyes. His birth was a challenge for Dr. Purnima Chatterjee who happened to first addressed him from his mother’s womb. But despite of all the odds he made it to the world with his grace to enlighten the lamp of Humanity.

His parents put more emphasis on him to learn music due to which his musical journey started at his very tender age, initially he was taught by his mother. But later on Dr. Sinchan Das furnished himself under the guidance of Pandit Samaresh Chawdhury and Pandit Kamal Mallick.  

From his very small age he was self-independent child who was dedicated for his service for other but the only flaws in him was his anger which often went beyond his control. But his real transformation began when he first encounter Pandit Samaresh Chawdhury who happened to be his music teacher or better address him Guruji. For him Pandit Samaresh Chawdhury was not just a teacher but was a shadow of some unknown divine soul who completely transformed him. Dr. Sinchan Das often refers that the personality he is today, his Guruji has a big role to play. The sudden dismiss of Pandit Samaresh Chawdhury on 13th June 2019 created a big void in his life which is feels can never be compensated or filled.

He was never that academically brilliant student in his school life but despite of the fact he was the most lovable pupil of his teachers. And, he earned it with his consistent effort, hardships and curiosity to explore for truth beyond his limitation.

He belongs from “The City of JoyKOLKATA” which is not just his birth-land but an emotion as well as un-detachable part of him. His life was no different than any ordinary common child or a man. He grew up in a one storey roof top room with his parents where resources were limited but his consistency for hardwork was far beyond anyone’s expectations. He had withstood that scorching heat of summer, volcanic cyclones of wind and uninvited floods. But nothing collapsed him or his determination to keep moving forward with his principle and ethics. Most of the memories of his childhood were lived at narrow lanes of 46B Sikdar Bagan Street, Kolkata 04 which was his former residence. In this area he learned to question his curiosity, leaned to walk his first steps, learned to run without the hold of his parent’s support.  


My encounter with him is a journey of self-reflection for me who introduced me with my true self and that journey is still on. And, I just cannot thank him enough for his contribution in my life. He never gives up on his students, he fights for them, guides them, loves them and leads them despite of the fact that he would ultimately get rejected, targeted and tagged by them. Very often there are situations when even I had many clashes with him but he has handled it very calmly. And sooner or later when I realize my mistake, that’s the very moment when he has guided me several times for taking the right decision. He has always enlighten my path to me as he always shows me the ways to my true potentials but never directs me a specific way. He is the eternal flower that would bloom within my soul until I vanish into the heap of sand. 

Wishing you many many happy returns of the day sir”  

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