An Ideal Observation of International Paramedic Day

On the auspicious occasion of International Paramedic Day, the School of Allied Health Sciences under Sister Nivedita University Kolkata observed the day. The program has been one of a kind and the initiative is ensured to continue in coming years. The program was fully conducted and initiated by students and faculty in support of Prof, Sanjay Das who is Head of the Department for the School of Allied Health Science SNU.

The beginning of the program was followed by a group song from faculty members that included Dr Sinchan Das, Dr Madhurima Rudra, Rishita Biswas, Debika Chowdhury Bhattacharjee, Ankita Chakraborty, Rini Saha, Saikat Banerjee and Sangita Maitra Mukherjee. Further, the program was sectioned into Student’s Scientific Seminar, Poster Presentation, Guest’s Presentation, and finally the inauguration of wall magazine. The program observed active participation from the students of SNU, Charnock Health Care Institute, and College of Paramedical & Allied Health Sciences while making it a tough decision for the panellists to mark them. The student’s Scientific Seminar and Poster presentation were marked, crossed and judged by Dr Susmita Das, Prof. Kamal Das, and Prof. Abhishek Thakur.  

The major success or highlight of the program was the presence of Dr Bhabatosh Biswas who is the founding pillar of the paramedic course in West Bengal. He quotes that paramedic is not a sideline job rather it is a fight for saving life equally with doctors. Further, he adds that paramedics or Allied Health Sciences have their own uniqueness and it is their responsibility to bear the torch for the future.  Apart from this, Prof. Suman Chatterjee, the registrar, SNU has been of an active person and a big supporter of the School of Allied Health Sciences and the main strength of SNU. He quoted about the future and decorative approach of the School of Allied Health Sciences to come forward for the first time in its history to celebrate International Paramedic Day.

School of Allied Health Sciences under Sister Nivedita University, Kolkata has already made history by taking this first-ever step in celebrating International Paramedic Day while passing on assets for other similar Paramedical Colleges in future. One of the major attractions of International Paramedic Day was the decorated departments of the School of Allied Health Sciences representing the interior of the human body. More importantly, the idea of Dr Sinchan Das is beautifully executed by the students of the School of Allied Health Sciences. As one walks through the corridor of the department, one will experience the anatomical magic of the body. The masterpiece was incorporated and completed within three days with the major association of students in support of their faculty members.  


Further, the student also enacted a small play with a central theme “Proud to be Paramedic”, which beautifully reflected the interrelationship between Allied Health Sciences and the entire health care system. The program was concluded with a strong notation of Youngest Legend Dr Sinchan Das saying “Allied Health Sciences must not just be a term rather a consistent effort to harness oneself in being worthy of the title.” Further, he adds that being part of allied health sciences puts an individual in various critical situations as well as making life-saving decisions. In such a situation, having knowledge and wisdom is the key to becoming assets in the field of allied health sciences.       

In addition, he also made the major announcement of the International Olympiad for Allied Health Sciences that will be conducted across various Allied Health schools within their campus under the guidelines of the School of Allied Health Sciences under Sister Nivedita University Kolkata, the result of which will be announced next year at SNU on International Paramedics’ Day 2023. We eagerly wait for this history to happen with great success in future as more to see what comes next from the School of Allied Health Sciences under Sister Nivedita University Kolkata. Moreover, the students and administration have already set a benchmark.  

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