An Identified Homeopathic Drug, Treatment for #CoVid19 by HIAMCR Researcher

One of the most dangerous outbreaks in the history of pandemic diseases until the date is SARS-CoV-2 or, most commonly known as CoVid-19 which is getting prevailed each day, serving the worst to humanity. At the very onset of this silent killer, the HIAMCR team including Sh. Priyankesh Mishra and Kumari. Swastika Subba, led by the health researcher Dr. Sinchan Das began to track down the truth behind its uncountable spread. The first claim made by the team was that the viruses are not a very new threat to our environment, it has been there even before the existence of life on this planet. The fact is that the virus been there in a dormant state until now. Further, the team also claims that the CoVid-19 is the very result of this materialistic scientific community which has been created by so-called progressed minds for better living. On proceeding with their work, the team also witnessed that the diseases was most commonly seen more on the male population in comparison to females as per the trial that was carried out among 7800 people across Canada, Uzbekistan, Istanbul, Italy, Bharat, Bangladesh, and USA.

The team further talks about Angiotensin-converting Ezyme-2 (ACE-2) and TMPRSS, which are supposed to make a getaway for CoVid-19 to attack the human body. And, this was further contributed by conditions like Cardio-vascular diseases, Metabolic diseases, prostate pathology, Bronchial asthma, history of HRT, Neuro-Degenerative disorder, nutritional deficiency, drug-abuse and many others which they have discussed in their publications with details. With the groundbreaking discoveries, Dr. Das and his research team tried to track down even more details as what triggered the noble virus to act in such a virulent way. Another point of curiosity the team conveys to the readers is that the virus is definitely man-made or, rather says a gift of some so-called highly qualified scientists who promise to cure the world with some of the most unforgivable discoveries they make in their lab that eventually disbalance the entire eco-system.

Also, claiming that the situation the world is currently facing is the series of well-executed steps that’s slowly posing each and every life form; be that be the great Amazon fire or Australian forest fire and other activities like air pollution, smoking, radiations, abusive substances, occupational hazards, ignorant mentality, hyperconscious-individualist complex attitude, copy past mentality, drug-dependency, negative thinking. All of this is directly or indirectly converting our body into suicidal explosions that would explode anytime like that of people affected with CoVid-19. The fact is that the destruction has already started through the number of auto-immune disorders and Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine and metabolic disorders. This makes the body already rich in the explosive substances, where Covid-19 is only the fire. It lives the research team in the wonder that if the beginning is so worst than what would be its end?

And, the questions remain, what is the main cause of this unstoppable virus? On exploring through this answer Dr. Das and his colleagues also said that the damage has already been caused that makes us all exposed to this deadly virus and the only solutions left is its proper management rather than exploiting oneself to some unproved trials. One more thing that needs to be taken into account is that people are already been exposing themselves to this damage even since the advancement in the drug industries followed by various unhealthy artificial lifestyles as well as the consumption of processed and chemically exposed food. That leaves the team in curiosity as to why the countries like USA, Chain, Italy, Spain, Germany who proclaims to be the Lord of pharmaceutical revolutions are now on the verge of crisis due to CoVid-19!

In advancing with their research the team of Dr. Das was spellbound to know that the main cause of CoVid-19 that was been hiding behind ever since its prevalence was non-other than the oxidative stress followed by natural disasters and Genetic causes which has been explained in their paper with facts that cannot be denied. After many analysis and evaluation of clinical findings received from the various patients of different geographical areas affected with CoVid-19, the HIAMCR research team outlines the 3 stages of the diseases with characteristic pathological findings:

Generally people are complaining about the lacking of pharmacodynamics of Homeopathic medication but here the team has also described the pharmacodynamics of the prescribed medicine in clearly defined manner. To enquiry the root cause and probable treatment strategy, the team has designed a detailed case taking proforma where they have investigated each and every physical, mental, social and geographical condition of particular populations in different set up.

Fig: Case taking proforma

Based on these findings, Dr. Sinchan Das indicated the medication in accordance with the 3-stages mentioned above;

Detailed work and proving of their findings are all very well reflected throughout their research paper that was published in two international journals very recently and already recived a research excellence by Internationally Acclaimed Scholastic Society. On concluding their paper the research team also outlined a treatment plan for Covid-19, but the contradiction is that until and unless people do not make changes with their artificial unhealthy lifestyle it just impossible to prevent its destructive end. Furthermore, the homeopathic way of treatment has always been a matter of causality for the higher authorities and never considered to be core treatment but time and again homeopathic way of treatment has proved its significance. But unfortunately only thing that gets highlighted is its negative outcomes. This puts me on ponder, if one patients die of medication other than homeopathic drug than its normal but in case the patients dies due to homeopathic drug than it’s the matter of controversy claiming it to be the faulty way of treatment. Isn’t it a biased conception that is being promoted is a democratic country which is supposes to give equal rights, where this modern medical system has collapsed with the series of deaths but the team of H.I.A.M.C.R. and many other traditional and homeopathic researcher, who have already cured 7800+ many patients in a segregated manner then what is the main philosophy behind this ignorance. Isn’t it only hiding their faults or profiting in inhuman manner!

Possible steps should be taken by the government but they didn’t

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