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Currently, we all are residing in a world where everything has to coordinate in an accelerated manner, whatever the consequences. In this race, we all have long forgotten our ethics, principles and ability to understand the criticality of the situations. Moreover, most of all we have perished our insisting as social animals and have been slowly turning into Zombies. In such a condition, it often becomes challenging for those choosing the path of honesty, integrity and dedication to being a major improvement in society.

One such organisation that has been fighting since 1996 for the welfare of the ecosystem is Benevolentia Foundation. The NGO has been registered under Company Act 8 on July 2021 and has been classified as a Non-govt Company. Benevolentia Foundation in the current scenario has conducted over 90 peripheral medical camps as well as varying awareness campaigns through both online and offline mediums.
Furthermore, Benevolentia Foundation is also the receiver of Bharat Chiktisha Puraskar, recognised by the Indian Book of Records for conducting most voluntary camps and has been titled the Emerging NGO of the year in 2022. The team of Benevolntia has also reached core areas in Purnea, Olipur, and Shapur during the dreaded flood in 2018. The work and dedication of the team were much appreciated as well as encouraged by the Bihar government. Apart from this, the foundation under the leadership of Dr Sinchan Das has also held the health camp inside the Juvenile Jail of Purnea.

This is quite interesting to take note that, unlike other major NGOs or welfares, Benevolentia Foundation is the odd one out. Since its very beginning, the Foundation so far has been able to keep its chits clean and away from any political or governmental banner. The direction of Benevolentia Foundation in a recent interview has conveyed to people that the NGO is for the people and by the people. In this process, the foundation works solely for the betterment of society.

During the major crisis of Covid-19, Dr Sinchan Das along with this team work day and night to offer the best care and treatment to victims across both national and international borders via telemedicine. In the process, the foundation has been able to offer its free services to more than 3000 Covid-19 victims. In every aspect, the major two wings of Benevolentia Foundation (Humanity and Charukasi) are dedicated to serving society on its abilities and capabilities.

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