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Getting cozy and comfortable is the first step to a pleasurable lovemaking experience. And in the initial stage, you simply cannot forget the kissing and cuddling. Why is this so? For a woman, it takes time and trust to open up to a sexual encounter. But men often forget this and just move on to the technical part.

How often has your partner complained that you just don’t love her anymore? May be you are just not doing the cuddling and kissing enough. But don’t worry; you can always perfect the art of cuddling, with a little knowledge and lots of practice!

Why is cuddling a good thing for your love life? Let’s find out.

It has a feel good factor. Cuddling is the body’s way to tell her about the love you feel for her. It’s a language on its own that conveys a meaning deeper than physical relationship. It communicates to your partner that you love and care for her. It’s a gift for your loved one, something that adds a new dimension to your intimacy.

Remember, the good old childhood days when a hug and a cuddle was enough to lift your spirits. The same feeling of being loved spreads over the entire body when you receive a cuddle. It works as an instant pick-me-up!

• It enhances the consciousness of our physical self. When you caress and cuddle your partner, you help them get rid of any negative self image they may have. It makes them feel good about their bodies. Touching and hugging gives you a consciousness about the body and helps in understanding how to go on with the lovemaking.

• It wakes up the sensual side. Nothing can be as great a sexual stimulant as a nice cuddle. Sensory receptors on the skin enhance the feeling of excitement. Touching and stroking can be the perfect stimulus for getting all excited and ready for a sexual encounter.

Pleasure is possible only when you know how to touch your partner in the right way. But there is no right or wrong when it comes to a cuddle. Learn what awakens your partner’s desires. Kisses and caresses on the neck, a back rub with her favorite aromatherapy oil, a comfortable foot massage – learn to identify what works for your partner.

Now, the question is – how to perfect this art? Here are a few tips for help. 

• Set the right mood. Muted lights, soft music, perfumed candles, comfy sheets, and such others can create a romantic atmosphere for you. The perfect ambience can get you in the mood for kisses and cuddles. And once you start exploration of each other’s bodies’, the lovemaking experience attains a delicious closeness.

• Use your touch to convey intimacy. Don’t hang on to her as if your life depended on it. Remember, most women are expert at understanding body language. If you are not comfortable with it, she will sense it with ease. You also need to make sure that you don’t do anything sudden, so as to rush into it.

• Say sweet nothings to her. While cuddling essentially involves hugging and touching, there are no rules that say you have to remain silent. Expressing your love for her, telling her how pretty she is, talking about why this relationship means so much to you, and such details are ideal for making her go weak in the knees.

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