Benevolentia Foundation rebounds on National Doctors’ Day

In memory of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, it has been a tradition of Benevolentia Foundation to observe 1st July as their annual function to offer an opportunity to students from different fields to come under one umbrella to bring awareness in the society as well as encourage each one to lead a healthy and purposeful life.

1st July 2022, the intuition once again rebounds after the major crisis of Covid-19 in collaboration with Kolkata Gynae Institute with yet another thrilling scientific seminar. This year’s prime theme of intuition was “Oxidative Stress” which is one of the prevailing topics in the current society. The theme was well versed and surmised by the students while successfully outlining the status of society. 

The program was started with the lighting of the lamp by Dr Susmita Das and Prof. Sanjay Das followed by a major highlight on a brief overview of the life of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy by Miss. Radha Modak and a beautiful recitation of a Poem by Miss. Riddhi Pan was written by Mr Harendra Nath Das.

Similarly, the scientific session started with very strong views of Mr Shantanu Palit on Peer Pressure and Oxidative stress where he highlighted the facts as to how peer pressure caused stress that eventually led to Oxidative stress. The discussion was further carried out by Mr Samar Kar who presented on Ignorance, The contributing Factors for Stress. Miss. Riddhi Pan on the other hand kept her strong points on Compromisation with Dream & Stress.

The session was further carried out with the presentation of Miss. Swastika Subba on Oxidative stress & Mutagenesis followed by Mr Debdutta Das who presented on the Relationship between stress & Infertility. Similarly, Mr Saikat Bera outlined Parental stress because of CHD whereas Mr Atanu Roy presented on Oxidative stress & HTN. Moving on to the last phase of the session Mr Priyankesh Mishra overviewed o AHT Drugs & Oxidative stress followed by Mr Sandipta Debnath who kept his brief yet informative talk on Natural Defensive mechanisms against Oxidative stress.                            

 Dr Sinchan Das the Director of the Benevolent Foundation announced the launch of the 2nd edition of their yearly Magazine “Manus 2022” as well as the institute’s first edition Journal “International Journal for scientific and cultural research.” Apart from this, Benevolentia Foundation also gave away one of its prestigious awards Bajirman Lawati honour to Mr Pallab Kanti Mandal and Mr Subhasis Dey, for their consistent and tremendous contribution to society without any political or organisational support. The annual yet scientific meeting of Benevolentia Foundation ends with the ranking of the students based on their performance as Students Scholar Mr Sandipta Debnath, Mr Debdutta Das, and Mr Samar Kar. Similarly, Research Scholar was awarded to Mr Priyankesh Mishra and Miss. Swastika Subba with greater responsibility on all of them to continue or hold onto their awarded ranks in future with consistency in their Research Works. 

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