Bharat Takes Precautionary Measures Like Ravana’s Lanka Against Terrorism

It refers to media reports that some terror-elements in Bharat were found linked with recent terror-attack targeting Christian minority in the island-country. Sri Lanka swiftly took several bold remedial actions as a safeguard against any such future terror-attacks.

Since Bharat has been a victim of many such terror-attacks, it should prepare itself by taking measures like those of Sri Lanka government so that terror-groups may not find it easy to target anywhere in Bharat. It is significant that many other countries also take required steps without fearing of any criticism in the name of so-called religious freedom.

Only Israel-like policy for being offensive against any terror-attempt can wash away terrorist-elements from Bharat. Israel is fortunate enough where different political parties are united in the fight against terrorism, unlike in Bharat, where there are pseudo-secular political parties which resist any strong action by government in the name of human rights and religious freedom.

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