Congress Welcomes Corrupt BJP Parliamentarian

Newly launched Hindi TV news-channel TV9-Bharatvarsh had in its day-long telecast on 03.04.2019, just three days after its launch on 31.03.2019 by Prime Minister Narender Modi at Ashoka Hotel (New Delhi), had shown a sting-operation on about 20 sitting and former Parliamentarians caught red-handed confessing spent of crores of rupees in earlier Lok Sabha election and planning to spend even more in on-going 2019 Lok Sabha elections bargaining to get huge money after their possible winning the elections. Sting included politicians cutting across party-lines including even from ruling BJP.

While ruling BJP denied party-ticket to one of its Parliamentarians caught in the sting, Congress welcomed him ceremonially in presence of party-President Rahul Gandhi overlooking his being caught in the sting. Congress even gave party-ticket to one of its former Parliamentarians who was also caught red-handed in the sting. Both the politicians caught on sting are from Delhi. It is even more shocking and surprising that Election Commission of India (ECI) has not taken any cognizance of sting-operation even despite e-mailing ECI about it.

Congress should clarify its views publicly on contents of the sting. In case party or those found involved in the sting take sting to be fabricated or doctored, they must take publicized action against the TV channel.

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