Daan Utsav by Treasures of Innocence

Treasures of Innocence (TOI) celebrates “Daan Utsav 2019 – Chalo Khusiyan Baatein” with underprivileged children on October 2, 2019. Daan Utsav 2019 was themed on the “Save Water” & the “Say No to Plastic”.

“We have visited the local metro station, post office, school, and bank; and, the children offered them chocolates, handwritten cards and letters and, performed singing and dancing to expressed our gratitude for their services,” informed TOI Founder Rani Bhowani. “The children also offered cards, letters, and chocolates to their parents and caregivers,” Rani added.

“Daan Utsav – Chalo Khusiyan Baatein” is an annual event, organized by Treasures of Innocence, on October 2, with its patrons and other members.

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