Election for the post of RS Deputy Chairperson was between matured BJP and immature Congress

The election for the post of Deputy Chairperson, giving an appreciable mandate in favour of NDA candidate Harivansh Narayan Singh of JDU was in fact an election between matured leadership of BJP and immature leadership of Congress. BJP played its cards well to reaffirm support of JDU by making its first-time Parliamentarian elected to the post with a comfortable margin not only retaining its other allies like Shiv Sena together, but even gaining support of other regional parties like TRS and BJD. It was like a friendly match when Bihar Chief Minister showed courtesy by calling Delhi Chief Minister for support. But on the other hand, Congress President who made a shocking surprise by hugging Prime Minister, did not exhibit even symbolic courtesy – when he deliberately failed opposition unity by not making a courtesy call to Delhi Chief Minister seeking his support for its candidate. If Congress would have tactically supported NCP candidate for the post rather than fielding its own candidate, election would have been certainly a close neck-to-neck fight with regional parties including ally in NDA would have supported UPA candidate. Parties abstaining from the elections would have also supported UPA candidate on being called by the NCP candidate.

Madhu Agrawal

Now, it is certain that Congress will play into the hands of BJP by breaking opposition-unity; thus paving way for a single-party rule of BJP which should be thankful from its inner heart for Sonia Gandhi for her putting the oldest national party in the hands of a totally immature dynastic leader.

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