For the So-called Sake of Humanity

Is lockdown a necessity or a well-planned motif of the leaders to make people more dependent and slowly trying to convert people as guinea pigs for their unsatisfying greed?   

As the world is advancing, so as our thoughts, habits, and actions; we call ourselves to be so-called modernized but, are we really advancing or moving further backward? With every progressive step towards changes around the world, we all are distancing ourselves from nature. As a result of this, we all are becoming more ignorant, resistant, aggressive as well as destructive which is severely affecting not just our environment but also our mind and body.

According to the studies the rate of suicide, depression, hypertension, and other mental health problems are wide-spreading every day. Despite all this, no one wants to bring any changes in their lifestyle rather everyone is busy competing with one another. Good health should be our primary goal and eventually, other needs can automatically fall in places, orderly. But with our resistive mentality health has become secondary, it’s a fact!

We all feel that medicines or treatments would secure our health. But the question here is, aren’t we all slow poisoning ourselves towards the more painful and destructive end?

The pandemic the world is facing today is not a very new event that’s because if we all roll back then we would see numbers of severe pandemics and epidemics that has left the people in complete chose and also taking lives of million; Spanish flu, bubonic plague, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Polio and many more. Even after this alarming rate of pandemic people are not scared of their actions, they would smoke, drink and again put on mask as barriers for protection from the virus but what is the use when people are consciously risking themselves.

Discovery of medication and various vaccines in the race of protecting humankind has just become a tag line for every country rather we all can most appropriately say pharmaceuticals companies have become the revenue collection units for fulfilling their greed. Medicine sciences discovered in the past few years have just been based on half of the population. That’s because every health professionals have been taught to prescribe or treat the people with the same lime of medication.

Despite the fact that even if we are family of the same species but each individual varies physically, socially, and mentally different from one another so how can anyone use the same test and medication for each individual without considering their sex, gender or the geographical distribution of the patients. The top five countries China, UK, Germany, USA, and Italy who proclaim them to be the pharmaceutical lords are ironically now considered to be the top five mostly hit countries around the world with the most cases of death with COVID-19. This number is followed by many developing countries like; Bharat, Japan, Russia, Brazil, and so on.

What a strange contradiction we see today is, on one side the entire counters are lockdown due to emergency health concern where few sections of the people are not even getting enough food to keep themself alive. However, as a relief of the lockdown, the Government decides to open up liquor shops. What sort of strategy is the Government trying to play here and blindly people are giving lines after lines outside the shop?

To my surprise every time I visit a shop to buy my rations; people are there buying cigarettes actually a dozen packets of it rather than getting their necessity items. Further, the use of masks has been more of fashions for people rather than protection. That’s because if it really would have been for protecting people would not open it for smoking or chewing tobacco.

On the other hand as a matter of the people should be using N95 mask which was once available only for the specific professionals are now rapidly becoming a common commercial product. Not all masks are categorized under it as it is a very special mask with 3 protective layers and commonly known as filtering facepiece respirator or N95 mask for laymen.

NIOSH N95 Standard Mask
  • N; it is a respirator rating letter which means Non-oil, that in absence of any oil-based particulates one can use these masks in their working environment.
  • 95; this means that the mask has 95% efficiency.
  • .3 microns; this means that the mask has the ability to filter out contaminants like dust, mists, and fumes and also the particulates with a minimum size of .3 micron and larger droplets will not pass through the barriers as per the data provided by Disease Control and Prevention (DCP).

Despite this major contradiction people are openly covering their mouths with their handkerchief, dupatta, saree, cloth mask, gamcha and shawal or scarf. So it hit my curiosity as to why the Government does not have any strict restriction or memorandum on such an act where the whole world is on cries of the pandemic. So the major questions here is Corona really killing people or people are inventing it themselves.

In such a crisis of hour, each and everyone is busy looking after their profit and loss otherwise the price of N95 mask, sanitizers, hand wash would have not risen with the prevalence of pandemic.

It very ironic to actually sort out what exactly is prevention and what exactly is negligence for so many deaths around the world. That’s because if all these precious majors like social distancing, lockdown, or the other restriction could have really helped then the death trolls would have gone down by now instead of rising with every day new cases. This also makes the wonder of a short movie I watched a few years back, featuring a time where living on earth would be so expensive as well as toxicating, where one will have to buy oxygen for the purpose of survival and very well the day is not very far if we don’t start taking the account of our actions.     

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