Government Hiding Behind the Curtain

The unheard-unanswered Government dumped all questions to the treatment of COVID-19 like trash! Are the recent collaborations of the Government with the Ayush mere eye-wash; hiding behind the curtains at the cost of humanity?

At the very onset of COVID-19, the health researcher Dr. Sinchan Das along with his team Sh. Priyankesh Mishara and Kr. Swastika Subba of Humanity Institute for Advanced Medical and Cultural Research (H.I.A.M.C.R) began their search for the unanswered questions of COVID-19 that is slowly strengthening its roots within Bharat. The pandemic is spreading like a wildfire that compelled the Government to announce the nationwide lockdown on March 22, 2020. Was the lockdown properly planned? More than COVID-19, wasn’t the execution of the lockdown one of the major reasons for creating more havoc and panic among the people? Wasn’t there any choice other than lockdown? If it was necessary, why wasn’t it effectively introduced at the emerging stage of COVID-19?

On March 21, 2020 H.I.A.M.C.R., in an exclusive interview with Hands and all, revealed its observations on the outbreak of COVID-19 and its reason for early and onset prevalence among the people.

On one side, the Government is not answering any question regarding the reason for such an alarming outbreak of COVID-19 whereas on the other hand, claiming hydroxychloroquine to be the possible solution. On contradictory, on April 11, 2020 an article was released by Dr. Sinchan Das warning people yet again stating – Dark Times Are Coming and It is Just a Trail. As per the article, the very outbreak of COVID-19 is not a new event the World is facing today rather it’s just the misdeed of the highly resistive society of modern world and prediction of such sort of pandemic was already announced by higher authorities even before the actual onset of the disease.

The team ensured that such important information reach to the ears of the higher authorities as soon as possible. However, yet again the mail, request, and messages were left unseen and un-replied. The team was constantly chased by the people to not continue the noble effort, yet H.I.A.M.C.R. did not lose their hope and are still continuing with their service for serving the underprivileged. H.I.A.M.C.R. also continues their research for finding out the hidden truth of COVID-19. The team is concern about the increasing prevalence of the virus which is eating the life of the innocents every day.

On April 16, 2020 H.I.A.M.C.R. once again released important information claiming TMPRSS2 and ACE inhibitor (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme) are to be the main getaway from COVID-19 to enter inside the human body and further explaining its causes, management, and precaution.

Dr. Sinchan Das and his team were able to accomplish their research journal on “COVID-19 – A Man-Made Disaster & Its Treatment” which was published in one of the international journals on May 15, 2020. The paper revealed much unimaginable information regarding COVID-19 which reveals the actual understandings of the disease rather than getting panicked by unnecessary rumors flowing through social networking sites which is provoking people for building up their own myth regarding the disease as well as interfering others actions. Further, the team also mentioned oxidative stress to be the main cause for the prevalence of the disease with well explained proofed mechanism.

Despite the rumors surrounding the social networking sites, poor health management, and administration are also creating a loss of hope in the people. Yet, the question still remains:

  • Is there any alternative to Lockdown?
  • What was the reason to release the train at Aurangabad (Bihar) all of a sudden?
  • Opening the chemical factory in Vizag necessary?
  • Why the Government permits the sales of alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco rather than basic compulsive ration items?

Actually the event is so sequentially fragmented that everything seems so natural and uncertain but as the old proverbs go – The Truth Cannot Stay Beneath, It Eventually Finds Its Root to Reality!

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