HIAMCR With Their Selfless Journey

“The real hero come under a cloak and leads the world without a title”

In the era where every act of humanity has become a questionable act of unsatisfied medium of greed, it’s hard to look out for the leaders who give their selfless contribution for the welfare of the humankind.

In continuing with their selfless journey of humanity, the team of Humanity Institute  for Advanced Medical and Cultural Research led by Dr. Sinchan Das made a visit to New Geetarani Briddhashram & Handicaped Home on 8th November 2020 with a aim to provide some medical checkup  and to spend some quality time with the elderly of the Briddhashram.   


The team of H.I.A.M.C.R. could provide their immediate medical aid to around 50 elderly. Further, Dr. Sinchan and his teams also ensure to pay their continuous visit to the Briddhashram every month. The team also distributed some essential aids; blanket, floor sheet for the winter and also provided the meal for the day.

The entire teams of H.I.A.M.C.R. were very overwhelmed as well as felt fortunate enough to be able to pay their service to the elderly of the Briddhashram. Elderly are often considered as the burden by our so called high profile society but the fact is they only need some gesture of care, support and a listener who is ready to hear them out. As said by Dr. Das, a talk can cure half of the disease in a patient. In this fast-forward world, people feel that medicine in the solution to their every issue and in that very process we often neglect the mental and emotional needs of our body. The team of H.I.A.M.C.R. aims to carry forward their journey of humanity with the motto “ think healthy, behave healthy, live healthy & make healthy”

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