Theory of Indian Scientist Proves To Be Today’s Harsh Reality

“Hyper-concerned nature about diseases, may welcome serious pathological outcomes.”  

 -Dr. Sinchan Das

The society we all are living today is no less than an open laboratory where some of the groups of highly intellectuals have been dispensing the living body of human as their new specimen for experiment. Well! The irony here is that we all have been acting ignorant to the incident and by default if someone comes up to highlight on such issues than they are either tagged as the conspiracy theorist or hanged the trophy of silence declaring them to be the threats of nation. Long gone are the days, when we all used to blame Hitler for the concentration camp because the fact is that currently we all are living in the largest concentration camp where we all are regularly gassed with the innovative cures of pharmaceutical lords, torched under the supervision of some of the highly qualified lords and eventually getting strangulated under their clinical trials.

We are living in the world where there is a cure for everything, if it’s so then why a simple headache or a cough is associated with deadly disease making the person more panicked, feared and threaten. Is it the disease that’s making you more ill or the very feeling of being diseased or infected? So, who’s the bigger dealer here? Diseases or the one who is making you think so…?  

What is our first action when we hear about any new disease? Dr. Sinchan Das outlines a very common tendency of human beings is to serve through internet and detail out all the generalities and symptoms while associated them with our day-to-day actions. For instance, people are prone to association their simple illnesses with severe diseases such as brain tumour, cancer, stroke, HTN or spondylosis while making them easily attracted towards the fatality of the pathologies. This consistent thought of a person is enough to alter their psycho-somatic sphere. In response to this, our body eventually starts to act under the guideline of this virtual pathological information, as perceived by our subconscious mind.

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