HIAMCR Observes National Doctor’s Day

Dynamics 2020

Humanity Institute for Advanced Medical and Cultural Research (HIAMCR) in association with The Craze Venture observed National Doctor’s Day at Kolkata Gynae Institute. Dr. Biswajit Sarkar, Dr. Sinchan Das, Dr. Susmita Das, Harendra Nath Das, Radha Modak, Saroj Mitra, and others were present.

Dynamics 2020 was the theme; it speaks of Mother Earth. “Mother Earth is healthy and, menstruation is pride. Mother Earth is unparalleled to Purusha; with the hormones called Nurturing. Meninism and feminism, unconscious in ethical behavior, is cursing the Mother and, Mother is in pain,” informed Dr. Sinchan Das. “Women are born complete, men aren’t. What a woman can do, men can’t; however, what a man can do woman too! Thus, the competition in smoking, drinking, and sexual abuse is a curse by meninism and feminism,” Dr. Das added.

Dr. Sinchan Das presenting to Dr. Biswajit Sarkar

Dr. Biswajit Sarkar presented a case study on infertility. Dr. Sarkar informed, “Psychology influences the fertility.”

There is a fine difference between Sexuality & Sensuality alike Sensitivity & Sensibility – it’s all about perception and behavior. Swastika Subba spoke on “Menstruation – A Matter of Shame”. Medical professional Annesha Saha spoke on the “Role of Taboos in Sexual Hygiene”. Shraddha Roy, one of the medical professionals also spoke on “Sexual Taboos”. Priyankesh Mishra, one of the delegates discussed on “Sexuality and Depression”.

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