A webinar session on Unexplained Infertility and Mental Health was organized by Mind, You and others in collaboration with Kolkata Gynae Institute powered by The Craze Venture

As we are advancing more towards this so called modernized era, the very situations of the world are deteriorating in terms of physical, mental and social health where infertility has become one such global issue. So, an impactful discourse was held with the youngest legend Dr. Sinchan Das the founder secretary of H.I.A.M.C.R. and Ms Shreeja Varier who is the counselor at Nova IVF, Experienced in Couple Therapy & Group Counseling sessions.

Ms shreeja Varier in her factual conversation explained that infertility is a condition where a woman is unable to conceive despite of several un-protective intercourses. She further adds that stress is one of the major factors affecting infertility which is followed by other factors like; financial statues, family pressure, guilt of women for not being able to conceive a child and many more other influential factors. According to her all this factors are collectively contributing in making infertility as one of the global issues.

Proceeding with her talk, Ms shreeja Varier also highlighted on the various aspects of infertility in a couple and how it can be overcome with various therapeutic practices like couple therapy, mandala therapy, dance therapy and many more. In addition, she also highlighted on the psychological factors and it affects on the ongoing cases of infertility within the society.

The second half of the webinar session was forwarded by Dr. Sinchan Das where his main didactic area was the Psychological aspect of infertility as a whole.  He adds that our mind is subdivided into three, namely; conscious which is 5%, unconscious 94% and subconscious 1% where the humans today are more focused with their conscious aspects where their unconscious and subconscious aspects are completely neglected or not taken in consideration. Although unconscious mind is the direct derivative of universal magnetic field, where each and every turmoil in the universal energy field results into turbulence in the geo magnetic field and electromagnetic field, influencing the unconscious mind. The coarse information from the unconscious sphere is modulated and transduced by the subconscious mind into the understandable and interpretable signals by the conscious mind. Similarly, the information from the conscious mind will be modulated by the subconscious mind into the understandable and interpretable information by the unconscious mind.

Dr. Das adds that there are enumerable conflicts that arise within these three spheres due to that turmoil. Moving onto the main topic of discussion the infertility, Dr. Sinchan Das delivered through his words that neuroendocrine system of the body is maintained by three axises , which are hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis (HPG) hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA) and hypothalamic-pituitary- thyroid (HPT), so there are mainly three levels which are the peripheral organic level, pituitary and the superior most level is hypothalamus, in order to control the neuroendocrinal framework.

Proceeding with his discussion he further illuminated that this hypothalamus is controlled by the Circadian system and the unconscious psychological sphere. Further he stresses that we as humans within our day-to-day practices are mainly focused on our peripheral organic system where the hormonal turbulence or organic insufficiency is notable irrespective of their nature and we are trying to correct it surgically or medically in our daily practice by the higher authorities of the system.

On concluding with the session, Dr. Sinchan Das highlighted any disturbances in the Circadian Rhythm is one of the most important and the responsible factor for those diseases which are the disease pillars of the society, like; infertility, obesity, stress, depression, metabolic disorders and many more. This Circadian system disruption results into a gross turmoil within the psychosomatic sphere which causes several epigenetic and genetic mutations; in the long run specific mutated gene are encountered in this series of serious pathological conditions. Each and everything is directly related with the Circadian Rhythm and the unconscious psychological sphere. Without correcting this Circadian system, we are manipulating these kind of pathologies by which we can manage but cannot cure disease. Lastly, he also adds we are actually trying to manipulate this peripheral system with surgical and medical maneuver on a regular basis by our biased artificial medical aid due to which the actual disease scenarios is getting even more complicated that is ultimately resulting in a dangerous future pattern of the mankind.     

The overall session was held in a very informative manner where all the participants were allowed to ask their open questions to both of the guest speakers.

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