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Being successful doesn’t mean how much bank balance you have but being truly successful is that moment when you have actually served humanity – Dr. Sinchan Das

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“A beam of light that disperse to enlighten the path for others!”

I met Dr. Sinchan Das in the year 2017 and the journeys after that encounter have been one of most life-changing for me. To me, a perfect definition of a teacher has always been a kind of a fairy tale, because finding a teacher who is selfless, compassionate, motivating, encourageous and the one who would stand by you like a solid pillar under any circumstances, is beyond rare. But to my surprise, I found each of these characters in him, actually much more.

Dr. Sinchan Das is a kind of personality or rather I would say, the purest soul who would burn himself like a candle just to ensure that his student shines the brightest. He is a teacher who would not search for the brightest students in the crowd but he is a teacher who looks out for the one who needs to be polished so that their inner talent would shine the light on the life of not just theirs but others as well.

When I first encountered him, I had this concept regarding him that he would be superior due to his name, knowledge and fame. But I was on the grave so wrong rather he is a personality who is a friend, a guardian, a philosopher, a brother, a father, a mother, a Sheppard and a companion to his students before being a teacher. For me, he is like “Water” because he is strict with his ideologies, principles, and consistent as well as honest with his role as a teacher. One of the lessons taught by him to us of which I am really fond of is “Even a Teacher is a Student”. To which he adds that even he is still a student because his hunger for knowledge is more profound. Despite all his knowledge, he is a simple, humble and down-to-earth personality who is always on his toe to reward back to his student with his wisdom.

On this journey of knowing him until now, I have seen him organizing seminars, debates, conferences and every possible platform for the students of his own will. He is an extraordinary teacher who is as transparent as water, as selfless as a candle, and his love for knowledge as well as his dream to spread it through everyone is even wider than the ocean. Apart from being a very renowned personality, there’s another side of him who is just Sinchan Das, who is self-made from all the deprivations he has faced from his close ones, loved ones, friends and families. But despite all the highs and lows in life, he chooses to take up only the positive experiences and move further like a course of water.

He was rejected from his school due to his low marks. He was even forced up to take up a subject which he wasn’t passionate about but despite all these deranging factors he roared back like a wounded lion. He worked on himself, learned from the errors and also ensured that he never look back to his past rather he stayed consistently persistent and persistently consistent with his karma. He ensures that he would never become the victim of the past or the slave of tomorrow. He believes in living today, creating now and working just now to make a brighter future for the next generations to come.

The person behind Dr. Sinchan Das to whom we see today is his unsung personality who molded himself like a sparkling diamond but ironically crowds only notice the sparkle in him. Time and again that sparkle is taken for granted; he is a person who was not born with a silver spoon nor with some strong ancestral background and nor was he born genius. He transformed himself into today’s known genius just like any other ordinary boy and the journey was not easy for him. It took him years to make that transition and during that period he was insulted, threatened, abused, and even attempted to be destroyed completely. And there were time when he lost everything he earned all at once; his fame, name, reputations and his closed ones. But he rose back like a beam of light from the horizons after the stormy night. He made all of these his strongest strength and promised to self that he would only look forward in life by not keeping any expectations from anyone he encountered, be that be his own parents, students, colleagues or friends.

His definition of success has a slightly different meaning “being successful doesn’t mean how much bank balance I have, how fancy a car I drive, or how luxury life I lead but being truly successful is that moment when I have actually served humanity and able to pay back an ounce of debt to my mother nature.” There was also a time when he was at the peak of his success when overconfidence did engulf him that made his great fall but he didn’t back up from his life rather he once again started from the beginning to one of the well-known personality who is known as today’s Dr. Sinchan Das. Today he is needed by all but his reach is limited to the neediest section of the society because he chooses to serve only for humanity until his will can.

He chooses to live his life with modesty and simplicity. Well, it’s also the fact that his journey has never been easy for him but despite which he is a soul who would smile the brightest and laugh the loudest in every path. From his very tender age, he learned to survive the harshness of life and the reality of fate. The path to his modification and transformation was his self-dedication and his desire to learn from each moment of his life.

Dr. Sinchan Das is not just a name rather he is a living example that life has a lot to offer, the only difference is how you utilized your limited resources to be the living Legend. In one of the encounters, I asked him Sir how are you so successful and what is the secret behind your wisdom?

To which he replied,

“I am not yet successful nor I have gained enough wisdom, I would be! The day when I have served enough for my country, when my body will be covered by the sacred cloth of my motherland flag and in my honor their will be the firing of 21 guns

And, I was just speechless… indeed he is a self taught genius!      

“Anyone can be a Teacher but being a Guru is the most priceless prestige.” – Dr Sinchan Das

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