“When you know the path to your healthy mind then you are the richest and happiest person”

In today’s time mental health has become a very big issue with the society and the irony is people feel it shameful to discuss it openly in the public as the fear of being insulted. But due to this ignorance and resistance, today we all are standing in such a position from where quick reformation is just impossible. So, in aim to bring out all this parameters, 10th October 2020, World Mental Health Day was observed by Humanity Institute of Advanced Medical and Cultural Research in collaboration with Kolkata Gyne Institute. The very theme of the program was Re-Defining the Definition of Psychology.

Each and every speaker kept their words very strongly and enlightened the very theme of the event.

On the other hand the Dr. Sinchan Das the youngest legend conveyed through his speech the importance of mental health on the lifestyle and how it has been deteriorating the society. Further he also adds that due to our ill habits we are passing off traits to our future generations due to which the new generation are being born with smoking gene, alcohol gene and are by birth defective with diseases like Parkinson, Autism and many more. He concluded by saying that it not the environment of the nature that’s making the new generation opt for habits like smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse but rather their paternal background is responsible for generating such tendency within them.

Followed by Dr. Biswajit Sarkar who highlighted on the importance of mental health on the fertility, he also discussed cases he has seen so far in his. Further Mrs. Sharmistha Dutta who is also the founder of Mind, You & others, Kolkata as well as psychologist by herself reflected as who the mental set up the children get manipulated as they get older.   

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