National Books of Records Honours Dr Sinchan Das With Their Highest Civilian Award “Bharat Vibhushan”

There is nothing more attractive than a great positive personality, its beauty never fades away with time…

Great personalities are not born every day rather they are born in a century to be remembered for the next generations to come. One such great personality who has been working tirelessly to serve humanity in every way possible is Dr Sinchan Das. In honour of his remarkable skill and knowledge, the National Books of Records honours him with their highest civilian award “Bharat Vibhushan”
In 2020, Dr Das has also received special recognition and commendations from Indian Books of Record for discovering the Modus Operandi of Homeopathy and has also been appreciated for his achievements in scoring 100% in the International Health Science Championship, Olympiad Marathon and also for Rogerius Genius of Theoretical Surgery and Anatomical Marathon for multiple times.
Not only in the Academic field but Dr Sinchan Das also no less in mesmerising people with this exceptionally soothing vocal and often with his master stroke on Sarode. Indian Books of Record has also recognised him for his the Fastest Taankari in Raag-Bhimkauns. Apart from this, he has also been honoured as well as awarded with varying awards and titles such as Youngest Scientist, Ideal of Peace, Rashtriya Gaurav top 30 Icon Award, iB Hubs Super 30 and many more.
He was born on the 3rd of December 1990 to very humble parents Dr Sushmit Das and Mr Harendra Nath Das. Dr Das being born and bought up in the cultural land of great legends such as Rabindra Nath Tagore has shaped him to be a true gem of knowledge, wisdom and humbleness. As a doctor, he is true to his patients and ensures to serve people of every socio-economic condition through his NGO “Benevolentia Foundation”. Under his NGO, he has been serving humanity selflessly with this Team within the outskirts of West Bengal, the same region of North East states, Delhi, Mumbai and many more.
As a teacher, he is a true Philomath as he never declares himself as a Teacher but rather as a student. He exclaims that learning is a journey without any end and the day a person finds that end, he is no more a Teacher. Additionally, like a true academician and health activist, he ensures to aware as well as light the curiosity of people through his music, songs, information content, quotes and many more on varying social media platforms.

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