O beloved

Don’t haunt me by your thoughts

I’m not interested to be pleased, by you.

I was already flattered, exhilarated and uplifted

By your intense voice and amorous touch

When I saw you coloured in my own shade

I prayed, to hear the emotions delayed.


O beloved

Don’t visit me in my dreams

Cause I already live you each day

I breathe your essence in blessed ways

Those morning kisses with lips so wet, the

Irresistible caressing in the unmade bed.

Entangled cuddles, delicately squeezed.


O beloved

Don’t afflict me by your absence

As I cannot bear this unbearable pain

I want you close,

Always and unconditionally

And reside in love’s magical presence.

The world will dissipate in times to come

But, our love shall never, ever fade

It will surely pass the test of times

Proceed, progress and advance

To a higher level, to an elevated stance

The erotic and amorous endeavors

Ultimately achieve the pious grail we seek

The alluring ventures on each other’s physique

The space between the souls so mystique

Quenches the yearning thirst with

Infinite relief.


Ohh, yeah

I figured out the climax

The supreme union

Culminating into

Relaxation, contentment, and relief.

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