Pragya Thakur Has All Rights to Contest the Election

It refers to unnecessary objections raised against Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur on her filing nomination for Lok Sabha elections on the grounds that she is on bail on medical grounds. There are too many top politicians including from top-most political family who is on bail but contesting the election. Even argument of Sadhvi being medically unfit does not hold good because George Fernandes was made Rajya Sabha member despite his being so much medically unfit that he even could not read out oath for Rajya Sabha membership.

Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur
PC: The Indian Express

Instead, Union Home Ministry MHA should take cognizance of shocking revelations by Sadhvi about alleged 24-days long physical and mental torture by Maharashtra ATS in UPA-regime by-passing all rules of the judicial system. Sadhvi even at an earlier occasion disclosed names of several male police-persons involved in torture. It is also a matter of investigation of how male police-personnel could be involved in the physical torture of a woman. Significantly, some of the named police-persons are presently seated on high police-posts in BJP-ruled Maharashtra. If allegations of Pragya Thakur are found true, then strict-most punishment should be given not only to torturing police-personnel if any; but also to political rulers of that time on whose behest such torture was possible.

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