Here are 10 ways through which you can lower your changes of getting a heart disease-

  • Have control on your portion size.
    2. Consume more vegetables & Fruits.
    3. Reduce unhealthy fats like 4. 4. Saturated & hydrogenated vegetable oils, cheese, Butter, Margarine, Palm oil.
    4. Reduce Sodium intake in food by avoiding table salt, salt & seasonings.
    5. Have more Fibre Rich Food – Whole Grain cereals, pulses, sprouts, Fruits, vegetables, nuts & dry fruits.
    6. Quit Smoking.
    7. Manage stress.( Talk to a Psychologist)
    8. Maintain a healthy weight.
    9. Have salads.
    10. Have Home cooked food more often
  • Note: People who consume a healthy diet with regular physical activity have a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases.
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