Behind the mask of so called scientifically advanced world, here we are submerged under the depths of un-controllable and un-manageable diseases.

The great scientifically qualified group of society proclaimed that a technology brings innovations and that innovation is the only medium to advancement or has been successful in changing the course of history. And indeed technology was responsible for advancement and made much of its significance in the history of evolution.  But the question is…. At what cost? In what exchange today’s so called modernized world has been bought? Who should be responsible for all destructions the world is facing today? Nature or Nurture! Who?  

The series of diseases, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and various other microorganisms was present and will be present no matter how many alternatives gets discovered to erase their existence. The more they are exposed to the weapons build by the modernized world more rapidly they would make themselves complex and resistant. From very ancient time nature knows how to keep things in a harmonious peace and balance but when it gets disrupted by the so called qualified scientific world, the balance gets interrupted as a result of which something unthinkable happens. And when those scientifically qualified minds deny their faults then they tag it as a cause of nature. But the question is what compelled the nature to change its course?

And the consequences of those unanswered question is faced by the world today as a pandemic of Covid-19. The nationwide lockdown so suppose to barrier the spread of disease and the vaccines was to suppressed its virulence. But, as a matter of fact nothing such is happing rather the trolls of death and infection are hitting the boundary and weapons are instead helping them change their strands and develop into more complex structure.

And the very products or would rather tag it has the so called positive outcomes of the weapons build by some high profile qualified scientific minds can be seen as the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic at Britain, Italy, Australia, United States, Denmark, Netherland, France, Spain, Japan, Germany, Canada, Singapore, and Nigeria.

This mutant strain of Covid-19 is reported to be 70% more transmissible than its older form. Initially this mutant strain was reported in the United Kingdom and now this mutant strain is moving it course in India as well. As per some of the experts, the vaccines would be equally effective to the new mutant strain of Covid-19 as well. But the question is… was it even effective to the first strain of Cvoid-19? If it was so than from where are this mutant strain of Covid-19 coming from?

In reality! The weapons against Covid-19 have prepared them the condition to transform itself into most un-manageable pandemic of the era. Well if we deny with this fact then it would be very interesting to note that right after the approvable of Vaccine (Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine) by the UK government, there was the outbreak of mutant strain of Covid-19. So, if we ignore this and move on with the believe that this deadly weapons would kill the virus then the day is not far when we all have to be actually lockdown within our own home and survive on consistent support of oxygen cylinder. This is an alarming warning for the world to stop violating and manipulating with the course of nature.      

In many of the research articles, interviews and through letters, Dr. Sinchan Das has time and again conveyed to the people that there no ultimate cure to this pandemic. However, time and again his statement has been neglected but the fact is each of his prediction for Covid-19 has been true. Also, he has already warned that more alternative weapons would be discovered in response to Covid-19, more complex and virulent will it become. Further, he had also conveyed that the only ways to fight this pandemic is the immediate modification in the lifestyle. The reality is more we try to interfere with the world of microorganisms, more complex will they convert themselves into.

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