Rising Disharmony in the World: Dr. Sinchan Das Speaks Exclusively to Swastika Subba

As the world is moving into the depths of great pandemic depression, a ray of hope appears to enlighten the darkest corners of the world. In desire to disperse the rays, time and again the team of H.I.A.M.C.R have been consistently awaring the world through their interviews, new articles and research. Once again with same aspiration Swastika Subba, a student of Psychology, in association with The Craze Venture, in search for the causes of the rising disharmony in the world had an interactive session with the youngest scientist of Bharat Dr. Sinchan Das, the Founder secretary, Humanity Institute for Advanced Medical and Cultural Research (HIAMCR).

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Do you think that there is any end to this ongoing pandemic?


What are the reasons for the increasing cases of pandemic?

Bit confusing, the COVID-19 is not the first pandemic. In the past, there were a number of diseases and metabolic disorders. 70-80% of them were man-made or artificially chronic disorders.However, there are opinions with scientific or theoretical explanations, defending the above.

Some are recommending vaccination, some on ayurveda or homeopathy and some on artificial sanitization. Now, the question arises – do we practice intimate hygiene?

An immuned-body is strong enough to arrest any bacterial, viral, microbiological disorders. However, due to the rising unscientific lifestyle, adverse socio-cultural transformations are taking place and, these are the fundamental footsteps of the outbreak of such pandemic.

At the beginning, the authorities were informed that droplet infection is the cause of COVID-19. Now, after the four months of this  pandemic propaganda , when the death toll hits several thousands, the authorities are explaining the pandemic as airborne. where H.I.A.M.C.R. already informed the authorities about its airborne character in their research paper. 

As per the current economy, it is quite impossible for the People to purchase the single-use three-layered mask regularly.

These days, vaccines have become compulsory. Do you think vaccines are the ultimate solutions?

No, not at all! People do not have any choice, but they have to choose the best for themselves.

The directives of practicing social distancing and the use of mask and sanitizer are unscientific in arresting COVID-19; has become an addiction alike abuse of drug, tobacco and alcohol. Those who are taking drugs for diabetes mellitus, hypertension, corona disease, prostate milegia are vulnerable to infection.

Do you think that it was necessary to cancel the examination?

No, not at all. These days, the institutes are more focused on the examinations; they must think wisely. For the institutes, the completion of syllabus as per the curriculum has become of utmost importance than providing proper classes. The stucture has snached the rights of the Students in questioning and learning. As a result of this the students have to compromise with their ability to explore and are deprived of gaining proper  knowledge. This has ultimately caused an incurable and in-avoidable damage to the very education  of the society. 

After various academic circulars are issued by the authority, on certain occasions, why do students take harsh decisions?

This has become a culture. Authorities are wiping their verdict without listening to the core issues. Authorities and guardians are running towards nothing, putting burdens on students. Students may earn money, but are losing joyful lives, due to dissatisfaction. This is one of the major causes of rising depression in the next generation.

Students are the bricks of society and the internal material between the bricks are the; knowledge, satisfaction, love, care, etc. As per the current scenario of the society, the materials are missing for this reason  there’s a  friction in the bricks. As a result, these bricks have become fragile due to which a small hit collapses the entire foundation.

Humans, though being a small part of the ecosystem, are the major threat to the ecosystem. We are closely connected to each other, an adverse effect on any individual and an entire system will suffer. We are burning the forests and killing animals with cruelty, does the violence have the right to live within humans?

What are the causes of degradation  in the next generation?

Does a righteous person have the absolute right to raise voice against the wrong? We know that the foundation is completely damaged and we are moving forward without taking care of the foundation. This shall certainly collapse the foundation in the near future. We should reconstruct the foundation with humanity, so that the civilization can be restored.

Disrespect is the main cause of degradation.

Why are people choosing commercial products over subsidized products?

Government, on one hand, is designing the policies on education and health with subsidies and, on the other hand, they have made provisions for private players to offer better infrastructure at a higher price. These are creating the differences in the society and, through the path people have become hungry for the satisfaction of earning huge money.

The Government is not a kingdom – politics is not about arrogance, it is all about national reconstruction. The rising greed in us, in earning huge money, we have given power of ignorance to the Government. The Government’s primary duty is to listen to its citizens, in an unbiased manner. Unfortunately, the Civil Servants think themselves kings and queens and misuse their power and, the disrespect in the entire organizational structure flows from the Government to Public, through the Administration.

What is the reason behind the ignorance in the society by the government?

The representatives are inappropriately placed. They want respect but disrespect others. This ignorance and disrespect comes from the resistance and ruling tendency of the human beings where listening or analyzing of the problem may get compromised with their own self-esteem or their own way of perception. For that reason the officials as well as the administrators think that they are the lords and are unanswerable to their subordinates and to the public. This classified occupational structures or classifies work culture (Boss, Subordinates, Group a, Group c, etc.) are one of the main causes of ever increasing arrogance. And this arrogance is the cause of  ignorance . And, if this is not resolved in the social structure, the society shall collapse sooner.

What steps the Government or Society need to undertake for a better society?

Government is not going to take any such steps. We have to take the initiative to reconstruct the fundamentals. We have to move forward, with positivity.

Government & Society must not be compared, must exchange ideas with respect and design the policies for national reconstruction. If we have to reconstruct society or if we have to reconstruct ecosystem we have to endorse them by force without negotiating with the government.  

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