Supreme Court lightens the Path of Truth Against all Trendy Practices

The 2020 pandemic is covered with huge mysteries where materialistic treatment has been highly focused instead of quality life. Additionally, quality life has been subjected onto the amount of medicines taken and vaccines injected by each individual. Several health researchers whenever tried to counteract against this evil practice they have been named as the Conspiracy Theorists. Not during the Omicron variant infection rather at every infection they stated these things from the pre-pandemic situation; alas, he only suffered huge amount of sufferings and insults from the general people, pharmaceutical lords, and even the government. Thus, the Honourable Governments of the State and Union began to mandate the vaccination and RT-PCR as the life-to-death certificate where several people lost their jobs, studentship, and even their life. But, who cares in this democratic world where Government is formed by the people and not for and to the people.

The Constitution of India says that there are three pillars of democracy Legislation, Executive, and Judiciary; when one closes other opens up its arms to accept the truth from every site. This time Judiciary or the Honourable Supreme Court of the world’s Largest Democracy withstood with such theorists and researcher that are continuously against the ill-practices the officials have been following during the pandemic such as the mass and forced vaccination of every citizen. Diary №12077/2021 Jacob Puliyel Vs Union of India & oths. is one such case that shook down the extortive behaviour of the state and union Government against the mass vaccination of people without adjourning to the health state of individual.

Under the lights of Article 21 (Right to autonomy), petitioner Advocate Prashant Bhushan clarified with evidences to the honourable court that there has been a lack of transparency regarding the current clinical trials of the vaccines. Adding to this, he stated that “coercing people to take the vaccines on pain of losing their jobs or access to essential services, which has begun to happen in many parts of the country, is a violation of the fundamental rights of people, especially in a situation where emergency approvals have been given to vaccines without full and adequate testing and without any transparency of the trial data and post-vaccination data”

Similar statements were given by the health researcher Dr. Sinchan Das (B.H.M.S., P.G.(Hom), M.D., FRCP) in his four research publication with his Scholars Priyankesh Mishra and Swastika Subba regarding the pandemic, pre-pandemic, and post-pandemic situation. The vaccination has always been a mystery for each people and now this time the honourable Court even agrees with the statement of these researchers. Even, in several interviews Dr. Das said about the business minded health facilities that is currently surrounded across the country.

Thus, the democracy came back into the force with the judgement provided by the court in the said case protect lakhs of people that have been forced to be vaccinated for every single living cause.

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