The End Is Just The Beginning For Worst…

In this highly digitalized and rapidly evolving world, we all have been moving a step closure to self-destruction and extinction. Charaka, The father of Medicine for instance outlines, “Life is the combination of body, sense, mind and reincarnating soul”. However, as we are moving into the era of so-called modernized science this very concept of Charaka has gone down the vain. Medical science accounted to be the saviour of humankind but in the current scenario, it has become no less than an egoistic hyper-materialistic field full of ignorance, biases and full of falsies.

In consideration of the current healthcare scenario, there is a need for revolutionising the current medical system. However, achieving this seems a major barrier, especially when the world is falling deeper inside the dumps of ignorance, resistance and one-sided belief. Ironically, we all are living within a community, but what are the major factors that make us a community? Alternatively, how are we contributing to its maintenance and reconstruction?

For instance, Dr Sinchan Das quotes that “Community is supposed to be a group of individuals who used to share a common ideological economical sphere but diversified in their entity”. However, in this current scenario, we all have not just become diverse in entity but we have segregated ourselves in hyper-individualistic narrow boundaries where we are supposed to behave like “The Frog in the Well”. And those people who speak or dare to raise their voices against this are either silenced forever or are made deaf and dumb on monetary grounds.  

We as humans are born hypocrites and seekers of sympathy. This is because we all have all the time in the world to discuss over hours, days and even for years how the world is changing. Moreover, outlining suggestions as to how a politician must be dealing with the situation, but the moment the person is asked to join the politics and be that change, everyone backs off by saying it is a swarm of dirt and they belong from a civilised society.

A similar situation can be accounted for in our current healthcare system, which has to turn out to be no less than a vending machine. Only if you input money, do you get your desired service. It is strange to witness that India being the land of the secret origin of all the medical system is now rushing towards the western lifestyle, western healthcare system and western medicine. And the greatest Irony of fact here is that the western community is adapting to Indian culture, Indian medical system and practices to counter the current health hazard in the world.    

The major crisis of Covid-19 for instance has been no less than a mask to the world while creating a situation of havoc, panic, and a state of emergence. More people were killed not because they have been infected by Covid-19 but with the very feeling of being affected or consumed by the disease. For instance, Dr Sinchan Das repeatedly highlighted this very aspect of Covid-19 ad it is falsely shared grounds or propaganda associated with it. He further adds that this state of havoc on the ground of the pandemic is likely to stay until and unless people learn to over their fear. This very fear among us is being used as a weapon to create something more destructive and dangerous in future.       

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