The Era of Great Man-Made Disparity

If we indulge more in vaccinations and manipulates our faults by the means of drug administrations then we are actually damaging our own health.

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With the establishment of the first human civilization until this 21st century, we all have observed some tremendous transformations in the Earth. Form mass extinction of the species to mass-murderous deforestation, followed by some deadly pandemic and epidemic. The shades of World War-I and World War-II still remain engraved in our genes. The fumes of nuclear weapon that bombarded in the land of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 is still cycling in the atmosphere, which is slowly rotating us from within like an invisible viruses.

Here we stand in this 21st century like an innocent child sowing more and more seeds of destruction. The bloom of one of these seeds was significantly observed as Amazon rainforest fire in 2019, and the series of this bloom has come down to this great crisis of CoVID-19, the world is facing today. Repeatedly, Dr. Sinchan Das has acclaims that this is not the end through his writings on social media platforms.

The recent occurrence of the black fungus is not very new to the World or the pandemic of CoVID-19. In context to this, Dr. Sinchan Das further adds that old diseases, which were thought as perished with the introduction of vaccines and medications will eventually upraise again but in a more severe manner, completely irradiating the civilization. He further added that in this man-made series those who can fight will survive and those who cannot, will eventually be discarded by nature.

However, in this series of advancements, the leaders of the World forget to set their limitations, due to which the entire World is on the verge of extinction today. From the very first outbreak of CoVID-19 in Bharat on January 20, 2020, Humanity Institute for Advanced Medical & Cultural Research (HIAMCR) led by the youngest scientist Dr. Sinchan Das has been effortlessly giving his service to the people through teleconsultation, home isolations and, camps. In total, Dr. Das has so far addressed 920 patients of CoVID-19.

Out of these 920 cases, 20% of patients came to Dr. Sinchan Das for treatment after eight to ten days of being on allopathic medication for CoVID-19. In such a situation, Dr. Das made no changes to their prescribed medication rather considering their criticality he started a course of homeopathic medication along with their prescribed allopathic medication course. On the other hand, the rest 80% of the case were under homeopathic medications since day one of their initial manifestations of the disease under the strict monitoring of Dr. Das.

Under constant monitoring of these patients through teleconsultation, he observed some tremendous improvement in their health. However, Dr. Das has clearly clarified that this particular approach is not a generalized approach rather it is a statistical representation.

The above symptoms and their recovery timeline have been observed for a maximum number of patients; however, this does not mean that it is similar for all the cases. Dr. Das and his team strongly acclaimed that they do not follow any system of generalization rather they believe in an individualized way of treating their patients and in accordance with the Homeopathic principle. 

While treating these patients, Dr. Das has further added that there were no changes in the symptoms in all three stages of CoVID-19. The symptoms indicated by so-called modern medical aid has already been discussed by Dr. Das and his team in two of their research paper CoVID-19, The Hidden Secrets, Treatment & Prevention and CoVID-19, A Man-Made Disaster & Its Treatment. Further, despite being exposed to modern medical aid and vaccination; they showed no sign of recovery or relief in their conditions. This indicates that there is some major lacuna in the process of treatment. However, Dr. Sinchan Das also conveyed

“Irrespective of the correction of basic fundamentals if we are indulging more and more into vaccinations and manipulations of the faults by the means of drug administrations and treatment then we are actually damaging out our own health in a more adverse manner. This is only the extended manipulations our health without the correction of our basic fundamentals”.

So, is vaccine not required?

This does not mean vaccinations or medication is not necessary. It is needed but only after the correction or it can be required in case of acute manifestation. However, it should not be considered as the ultimate solution.”

The highly materialistic complex minds of this modern world will have to realize that the fight here is not about who is superior over another rather the fight here is setting up a system that will save the lives of millions in a holistic manner instead of rushing out on unorganized management. “However, the thought of this glory will keep on venturing until the day they will look upon the mistakes of the past but there will only be the regrets, with no repent” 

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