“The thought of suicide is a great consolation: by means of it one gets through many a dark night”

The global issues that slowing strengthening its roots like a leech in this modern era where people are slowly being sucked by it ill-effect not only onto this generation but also on the tomorrow’s generation. So, with an exclusive interview with the youngest legend Dr. Sinchan Das in collaboration with Humanity Institute for Advanced Medical and Cultural Research (H.I.A.M.C.R) we try to unravel the each details of this prevailing pandemic, suicide.  

Q1. As per WHO we all know what is Health but what exactly is Mental Health? Aren’t they the two faces of a same coin?

According to WHO “Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. So, No! Health and mental health are not the two faces of the same coin rather Health is the whole coin and the parameters; physical, mental and social are the components of that coin. Taking this in consideration, we can say that; Mental health is actually how our mind works, how it perceives, how it acts and how it reacts. On the basis of our unconscious and subconscious foundation how our conscious mind is reacting, how it is behaving and how it is coping up with regular environmental and surrounding threats in our life, which we are experiencing in our day-to-day life; only justifiable parameters.

Q2. As of current situation the entire world is hit by the disease called “Suicide”, so elaborate us with the very concept of Suicide? 

“Suicide is killing oneself on purpose, dying at one’s own hand voluntarily or involuntarily”, the very word suicide has been derived from a Latin word Suicidium which is the combination  of Sui & Carder which collectively formulates the English word “kill oneself”.   

But, although this modern time has coin the term suicide as an intentional conscious act but many time it is actually involuntary and beyond our control, where it becomes deep sited in our subconscious system that is tendency inherited from our ancestor. Not only is the suicide a self-harm but the very concept of suicide ideation or suicide provocation is basically the cold blooded policy of the ‘society‘ and in reality society is the cold blooded murderer of the one who is going to commit suicide.

So, Suicide is not at all self-harm rather suicide is the cold blooded murder where the skillful and political and other kind of so called intellectual minds have designed this kind of situation and criticism through which the person goes throughout their lives and ultimately affecting the aims of their perceptions which leave them with no ways or option apart from Suicide.

Q3. What really triggers the thought of suicide in an individual?

There are lots of triggering factors; among them there are basic three which are the key factors, they are;

  1. Expectation- performance mismatch
  2. Stress
  3. Violence

Although, they are interdependent to each other but within our day-to-day life there are numerous triggering factors like resistance, rigidity, ignorance, dictatorship, inequality, social whipping, illiteracy, lack of foods, lack of resources, injustice,insult and many more, all this comes under the triggering factors.

Fig: Triggering factors of Suicide (Dr. Sinchan Das et al. 2019) 

 Human mind is classified into conscious, unconscious and subconscious. The conscious phenomenon is the Social teachings and the experiences which are continuously trying to design our mind in a new direction as per their need but there is a huge magnitude of unconscious foundation which we are trying to ignore conscious and continuously. The unconscious mind is the foundation on which the pillars of the conscious mind are developed or established, this means without the proper unconscious foundation the entire conscious imagification will be and must be faulty and easily breakable. The unconscious mind mind is the direct derivative of the natural electromagnetic field, which indicates that unconscious mind should work as per the natural law not at all according to the humanitarian law. Due to this there is this clash between unconscious mind and conscious mind which ultimately makes the subconscious mind confused, this is known as ‘conflict’. At the time of this conflict the entire system gets collapsed due to which the person ultimately feels hopelessness, dizziness, confine them within the house, love to stay alone in a dark room, loves black, confine them within their own boundary, all this condition can be termed as frustration. Among the global population 72%-74% of people are suffering from frustration that has lead to Depression (53-54%);

(Dr. Sinchan Das)

Fig 2: The three step theory (3ST) of Suicide (Dr. Sinchan Das et al. 2019)

Q4. According to you which one is more hideous act, “suicide or suicide ideation”?

 No doubt! Suicide ideation is more hideous then suicide because when suicide ideation is being formed within an individual’s mind, before that particular time they have to go through some horrific experiences. Each and every day that particular person has to go through a conflict and have fight back with their ideology as well as with their surroundings where they have to compromise with themselves each day and eventually die regularly while taking breath or have to die each day in their living state. On the other hand Suicide is an open space and much easier step rather than going through all the experiences each day, basically suicide is the physical termination of material body.

Q5. Do you thing that after the termination of life or suicide that kind of psychological turmoil is finished or is it still continuing through some way through the environment?  

Psychology is not at all terminating because our unconscious mind is not at all confined within our physical sphere or physical body, so that kind of dynamic irregularity happening within them after suicide or after the termination of their life, these sort of energy imbalance is still existing in the nature and that particular imbalance in the energy field is keeping on multiplying it energy imbalance due to which the entire creation is running with the huge loss of energy imbalance. Like in case of the Amazon fire which is not confined within the Amazon or within the particular geographical area rather that kind of energy imbalance is deranged the entire universe instead of one particular confined geographical region, irrespective of our humanitarian acceptability, argument or hyper-scientific deceleration.  

Q6. Is suicide an old or a new trend?

 Suicide is obviously the new trend but it is not a very new incident. Suicide did used to happen before and is happening right now and what would happen later is unknown to all. Generation! We human beings are one of the most complicated and the most evolved creatures within this Earth or Nature. Each and every day, through some way the very impulse of the deeds (karma) of our ancestors is being carried forward, if we consider that due to some reason if one of the generation faced a tremendous amount of emotional turmoil as a result of this their next generation would be born with the effect of that particular emotional turmoil, maybe in the form of Psychological or Psychosomatic or Neuroendocrinal or endocrinal or any sort of developmental disorders; that would ultimately cause the irregularities and along with that their upbringing would start and the cycle of this passing on to next generation would keep on regulating until it reaches the peak of resistance and rigidity that would ultimately make us stand on the edge of the mountain as where our current so called modern society is standing assuming themselves to be advancing into the new era.

So, this is not about the trend , very specifically the trending practices are generally, easily accessible, distractable and full of faults and Faisal. Before the coping strategy and the coping abilities was better because of small amount of devastating practices and greater amount of flexibility, but with the passing time people have become more and more suppressed with materialistic humanitarian complexity and hyper individualistic complexity due to which they are being slowly strangulated within their confined area making them more and more suffocated by compelling them to jump off the cliff. The main reason for such outcomes is because, in today’s time nobody has time to hear, listen, perceive, adapt  or resolve what other has to say rather they judge, advice or are forced to shut their mouth due to which their no option left for any one. So, in a way people are not just digging their own grave but also the future of tomorrow’s generation, knowingly or unknowingly where we all are heading towards the virtual and baseless life without any reason.           

Q7. How can we shape the young minds?

At first you have to re-construct your thought pattern then you have to balance between the materialistic and non-materialistic world after that you have to train your mind as an unbiased entity then you have to teach the people about the actuality of the life. They will have to understand, perceive and feel it rather than utter it. There is need for designing the ideology so that they can fulfill their dream with which they are born. We have to shape them as per their purpose of living; all kinds of abusive impulses should be abolished from the society. The practice of self-love should be encouraged. The systems should be exploring in nature rather not to create syllabus uttering book worms. Understanding of the holistic concept of nature should developed.        

Q8. Your message for today’s generation parents, youth, students and elderly?

(Dr. Sinchan Das)

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