The Hidden Heroes – An Initiative Taken by HIAMCR

Shri.  Bajirman Lawati was born on 18th of October 1965 at the small village named Kurumba, Nepal. He pursued his education from Tribhuvan University, Dharan in Business Administrative, as student he was never a bright student but as an individual he lived his life for the cause of humanity. A political party was also founded by him where he gathered all the youths with an aim to serve the country with his humanitarian cause. To him youth were the future of better tomorrow and involving them actively in political duties would change the face of the country. But due to his sudden mysterious death in 26th November 2001, the very vision of his aims got hidden behind the curtains.

He belonged from such a remote village where till date there’s no properly developed road, school or electricity which are the basic needs of today’s modern civilization. In during his stay in the village he realized that the local children had to travel all the way crossing the mountain by a walk so as to obtain education, since there was no school in the village. Due to this reason very often the children quit school and were married off at the tender age against their will. Seeing such situation in the village he decided to build the school within the premises of the village. To put his plan on action he went to seek a help from Nepal Government but didn’t get much support, so he thought to gather up a support of the villagers but as usual he was abused, insulted and was threaten.

Despite of all the barriers he led the foundation stone of the school in 1983 and named it Pancha Kanya in collaboration with some of his close friends. A very interesting thing to note here is that he was at the age of just 20 years and was freshly passed out from high school when he single handedly preceded the work without seeking any sort of help from anyone. Due to his strong determination the school was fully established on 13th of April 1985 until class V which he dreamed to build until higher secondary.

In order to commemorate his social contribution to the society Humanity Institute for Advance Medical and Cultural Research start an memorial award title “Bajirman Lawati memorial award”  so as to recognize those silent heroes within our society who have been working for the welfare of the humankind without expecting anything in return. The award is given away each year by the institute where in the previous phase it was presented to Shri. Mahabir Banerjee, who is been consistently serving voluntarily for the well-being of the society.

Following the footnote, on 10th of October 2020 on the occasion of World Mental Health Day the Institute awarded the title to Mr. Somen Bhattacharjee who is also the secretary of  Naktala High School Alumni Association. He is a Person who is always ready to lead his front foot for any sort of social works; he is a character who never has a “No” as an answer for active social services. In during the critical situation of pandemic where everybody was busy saving themselves in the homes, he gave his consistent engagement to help out people through any mean. In such a situation where people were afraid of even going near to their fellow person in fear of being infected, he made the arrangement of last rituals of the deaths for so many families and also ensured that he stood by them in the burning ghat. Further, when Kolkata was hit by the dreadful tides of Amphan, he made all the necessary medical and essential items available to the victims of Kumirmari continuously. The  H.I.A.M.C.R. also aim to recognize such heroes in coming years and try to highlight the unsung contribution of works done some of the silent heroes within our society.

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