The Pandemic, Beginning of the Unexpected

Currently, the world is in havoc due to the major pandemic and, there are lots of information loaded throughout the internet regarding COVID-19. Despite all this, there are some unrevealed aspects of the virus that people need to know. In an interview with Dr. Sinchan Das, B.H.M.S. PG (Homs), London & M.Sc. (Psychology), Kolkata, he said that the pandemic is just a beginning, as more darker times are awaiting! He adds, “Currently, we all are living in such an era of advancement where we are dependent on modern technology as well as in modern medicines which are turning our own mind and body in toxicity.” He further adds, “This particular disaster is the result of human interference with Nature.” Dr. Sinchan Das further makes some significant statements on COVID-19.

Today, humans have come together to fight for their survival and, exploring all opportunities. The major point that needs to be noticed is that SARS-COVID 2 or MERS-COVID 2 has no link to the virus causing COVID-19. In relation to the structure of coronavirus both of them have a similarity of only 59% and 23%, respectively. The mechanism through which SARS-COVID 2 and COVID-19 attack the human body are seen in two processes: ACE inhibitor (Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme) and TMPRSS2. TMPRSS2 protease is in relation to the disease of the prostate.

The majority of the victims of COVID-19 are mainly associated with males almost 78% in comparison to women, i.e. 22%. The specific genetic expression of TMPRSS2 protease is most commonly seen in those people who are affected with prostatic hyperplasia, prostatomegaly, or prostate cancer. In present, the problems related to the prostate can be seen mostly in the elderly male among the total population around the World due to which middle-aged or elderly are becoming the main victims of COVID-19. One more method in which TMPRSS2 protease can be expressed is through the process called androgen specific TMPRSS2; androgen is specifically the male sex steroid hormones, important for those people with the history of sexual dissatisfaction, sex-related anxiety or over-sexual urge. These people need to take extra precursive care since they have the major chances of TMPRSS2 getting expressed.

The people having a higher amount of ACE inhibitors are the easy victims of COVID-19 as ACE inhibitors have a direct link to their entry within the human body. The individuals who are in prescription or have to consume ACE enzyme inhibitors due to conditions like Diabetes mellitus with hypertension, Hypertension, Obesity, Cardiovascular diseases, or a group of Cardiovascular disease, etc. have an automatic increase of ACE inhibitor in their body.

In this present scenario, we all are mostly dependent on drug-induced pathology and in a healthy lifestyle. In order to arrest this pandemic, people will have to lead a balanced life. This would include managing stress, excessive metabolic rate, psychological dissatisfaction, frustration, depression, and many more. People shall also avoid over thinking, worrying, or panicking. People shall consume antioxidant-rich food or diet, drink enough water, avoid staying empty stomach, and also avoid consuming excessive spicy or pungent food.

Do you think that by drinking or smoking and then putting on your mask or continuing your quarantine would put any barrier to COVID-19? It’s better we start realizing that our way of lifestyle need a immediate changes.

The modern medicine systems of several developed countries like Italy, Canada, USA, UK, etc. could not successfully arrest this pandemic. Homeopathy and Ayurveda have played significant roles in treating a number of the pandemic in the past like Scarlet Fever, Yellow Fever, Plague, Arsenic Poisoning, Cadmium Poisoning, etc. Dr. Sinchan Das concluded, “When we could not find any specific treatment with these modern medicine systems, all available systems including Homeopathy and Ayurveda shall be also explored to maintain the health of the society and enhance the quality of life. There are several homeopathic medicines which are having similar symptoms like COVID-19 and it is well known to everyone that homeopathy is a system with minimum adverse effects.”

The reality here is that the pandemic is never going to be end, in facts Covid-19 is not a new outbreak. If we roll back to our history then we will still be able to track the traces of this diseases some centauries ago such Spanish Flue, Bubonic Plague, the Black Death and many more. The only difference here is that Covid-19 is just the modification of all the latent diseases due to the consistent human’s manipulation, tampering, distortion and interference with Nature. So, the weapon that are being created to stop there prevalence is rather making them more immune while pushing humanity closer to its end.

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