The Scientist-Clinician-Administrator-Teacher: The Rarest Breed under the verge of extinction

Scientist-Clinician-Administrator-Teacher, the combinations of this four major discipline demands an equal attention and significance in the society. This combination is very crucial because both theoretical and practical aspects of discipline, as well as management meet with one another where it is capable of completing an understanding, designing, and implementation triad. On the other hand, it can be noted that these disciplines are of much importance but is compromised at the same time, which is not only wrong but also rather dangerously threatening to the planet. The politicians from supreme power such as the President of America and some leaders from India and several other lords around the world has been enacting under many roles to control these sectors, which is even more horrifying. There are many staunch working in these fields, but ironically, the entire civilization is slipping in the darkness. Considering this, it can be noted that some threads are still missing from the sight of people. Further, there are only hand-full of individuals who have been working for identifying that thread while ensuring to link up those isolated segments in a holistic manner. Nevertheless, are they only the responsible one? Are they alone bound to do so? What is the reason for all those threats, attacks, insults or deprivations they have been facing, including from their close circles? Why do those individuals have to face injuries from different industries? Why they have to face the insults from the politicians?  

The very strange statistical outcome outlined by Dr. Nick Lemoine of H.M.S. indicates that in spite of lucrative economical profit, people are refusing to take these streams as their career choice day-by-day. After all, why the scientific community be directed under the directorship of some large-headed egoists? Or by incapable invaders? Despite of all this wrongdoing, the system has been running in a strange direction, which indicates that monetary profit seems the prime goal for a people. This very mentality of scholars and society is unwanted as well as dangerous at the same time. But when a scholar is willing to explore something with a noble dream in his eyes, isn’t it our duty to preserve that dream and uplift his work with dedication? However, the actual scenario is the evident of ignorance, deprivations, insults, threats, and attacks.

Among all this, the young Indian scientist Dr. Sinchan Das emerges as one such scholar who has capably set out new example of factual actuality and has designed a model of “Mind-Body-Society Interdependence”. This theory has successfully explained the disease developing senario of this current time, when cold-blooded policymaking is constantly ruining the backbone of society in a most crucial manner. Dr. Dereck Brown has said, “This sacrificing mentality of Dr. Das deserves a salute, because, in this age of enjoyment, he spends his golden time in an isolated manner, under the lens of threats & securities. Not all are capable of developing this sacrificing mentality, what he has. He is struggling alone constantly & continuously.”

Dr. Sinchan has always stood against the usual flow of everything. The terminologies such as Exhibitionism’ (the trend today’s people & youth are following by means of electronic gazettes, addiction, fashion, understanding e.t.c.), ‘Pseudo-masculinity’, ‘Pseudo-feminity’, ‘Maskism’, ‘Hyper-individualistic mentality’, ‘Hyperconscious rationalization’ & ‘Denial’ has been first put into limelight or rather say were first quoted by Dr. Sinchan Das.

Further, he is also the very first individual to first boldly declare that maximum of the declared heterosexuals are very ignorant about sexuality and orientation. The wage-based system has marketized heterosexuals for production purposes. In context to this, he has further outlined that heterosexuals is nothing but an example of Sociophobia and marketization. This very theory has been taken into account as well as proved under the judicial system of the UN but in the mealtime; he has been facing consistent insults from all the sectors.

Now, what is this ‘Mind-Body Interdependence’? What is the applicability of this theory? In medical science and medical practice, the mind has always been judged under the lens of endocrinal factors where mind is generally rejected as an unimportant subject, whereas the actuality is completely different. The system ensures to give its major focus on the bodily manifestations, where have considered the body as the “system of experiment” without considering its auto-generated self-controllable mechanism. This is the result of one of the ancient debate between Materialistic and Idealistic concepts. The theory explains the way in which the thought is generated and the causes for different types of thinking pattern. Along with this, it also explains how thought and the neuro-endocrinal system is closely dependent on each other? How thinking patterns & language can affect one’s bodily parameters? How violence is closely dependent on genetic thought patterns? Relation between thinking pattern and corporeal derangement? How thinking of a pregnant woman can affect the mental and physical make-up of a child e.t.c.

As a whole, the theory successfully outlines the “Prime Cause” of different pathologies, in a clearly defined manner. Not only giving any theory, but he also implemented this on different groups of people and the outcomes are really wondering. But these fascinating results have become the cause of anxiety for the rulers, as a result the ‘culture of strangulation’ again came to light. Prof. Brajen Mukherjee said, “This humiliating attitude is suggestive of the authenticity of the theory. If proper implementation takes place, then it is capable to remove many serious pathologies from the root.

On the other hand, Neuro-psychiatrist Dr. Pradip Mitra said, “Truth is always bitter. The bitter truth is what we are practicing day by day, which is absolutely of no sense. There might be some group of people who declared this model as bullshit; but this model is the only and ultimate model which can prevent the rapid declining of the social demise.”

It is very true that, in order save our planet, we all have to save such scholars very carefully; otherwise, their loneliness is sufficient to destroy them and the entire system consequently. Prof. Woodsworth of United Kingdom said, “Dr. Sinchan is a blessing towards humanity. I want to show my hearty gratitude towards his parents at first; then I want to warn them about one thing, please try to protect his thinking patterns and this noble heart from the poison of society. These valuable hearts are very sophisticated as they are made for some bigger purposes. It is the duty of his students also; their eligibility can be judged from their fighting mentality & wise thinking pattern, otherwise, they are not eligible to consider themselves as the students of this youngest legend.” Dr. David Brown said, “Every hurt or insult can damage his productivity, that loss is very minimum from his perspective but very grave from social perspectives. Every source which can damage this person, must be considered as culprits for the gross social demise.”

 Dr. Das is not only an admirable combination of rare qualities, but is also the living example of humbleness, fearlessness, love and loyalty. He is the moving library in true sense. With his bold and prompt character, he has enlighten the reason of hope for both existing and new generation under the name of Benevolentia Foundation, that is fully dedicated to serve society by the means of research, education, medical aid and resources. This enlightens the reason of hope under the supervision and guidance of capable leadership of Dr. Sinchan Das has already touched the greater heights success for several times. Today, Benevolentia foundation is a brand from its very first day. The foundation has spread its wings to fly high, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. They have organized about 528 camps in West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Chattisgarh, & Jharkhand within 3 years, with a small team. But the tragedy is here also, where he is still psychologically faced a huge amount of harm from his closest circle.  

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