The Youngest Indian Scientist wins Highest National Recognition

“The habit of persistence and consistency is his habit of victory”

The youngest India scientist and health activist Dr. Sinchan Das wins highest national recognition in the field of healthcare “Bharat Chikitsa Puraskar”.  The award is the symbol of commemoration to Bharat Ratna Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy for his tremendous contribution in making quality healthcare services available to common people. Just as this grater legend of his time, Dr. Sinchan has also been giving his selfless contribution to the most neglected section of our society under his NGO Benevolentia Foundation. He and his team have been organising monthly peripheral medical health camp (Raikhas, Modindia, Mahadevpur, Namkhana, Kaijuri, and Hasnabad). Apart from this, the 2019 flood in Bihar made him work for the victims at Purnia district of Bihar.

Apart from this, Dr. Sinchan Das equally contributes in the field of education and music. On the other hand, he has always been an idol to his students and ensures to shape each one of them through his consistent guidance and mentorship. Dr. Das has consistently been determined with his principles and has never failed to serve his motherland with all his dedications. Along with this, he has often come active on his social media platform talking on various subjects and topics to make the society aware of the various health issues and conditions. His webinars and healthcare conferences are more focused in aware people while making telling them its effective and sustainable management. Even in during the dreaded crisis of Covid-19 like any responsible doctors he has served more than 1000 patients from both national and international locations through Telehealth as well as making emergency home visit to the victim of pandemic. The award awarded to him is of highest honour that perfectly highlight his selfless contribution towards the society.  

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