Theory of Indian Scientist Comes to Light…

“Nature itself is the best physician”


We live in the era of modern science where the branch of health science is viewed differently from its actual angle of reality. Health science is the subject that is supposed to deal with life directly in terms of health education, health care delivery and prevention of pathological conditions. However, Don’t you think? Despite the existence of varying medical systems worldwide, people are focused or rather say dependent on seeing the miracle of one system in particular. 

One of the well-known health scientist based in Kolkata (Dr. Sinchan  Das) has often talked under the light of varying social-media platforms as well as throughout his research works about the wonders of homoeopathic medicine or its holistic way of treating people. Well! In accounting for this, there is no intention to create biases about the particular medical system rather it is to put light on its ability to heal ability through its  

One of the research works conducted by Dr. Sinchan Das published in IJAR under the title “Mechanism of Actions of Homoeopathic Medicine,  2017  outlines that the magnetic property of its every potentised drug is the main factor that works wonders in healing acute to chronic diseases only if its ‘Similia similibus curenter’ (like cures likes). He effectively proves the healing nature of homoeopathic drugs majorly works on electromagnetic energy despite its very small concentration. Dr. Das in his paper  explains this electromagnetic energy as quarks, which is nothing but the collection of energy. All this drug pathology has been carefully studied and outlined in his research work in reference to varying cases with its reliable efficacy. Since this very study, there have been many research and healthcare professionals working their way through its mechanism in their practices.  

Currently, people worldwide are switching to the traditional healthcare system over conventional systems. However, it is necessary to realise that our well-being is the result of our own faulty habits and ignorance despite having the sense to understand factors affecting our body. Apart from this, it is also necessary for each one of us to realise that blindly following one way is nothing but pushing one step closer to destruction. Each system of medicine are designed with its principle and mode of action on human body, due to which it is necessary for us to opt for one that has maximum similarity, minimum dose and  minimum medicine. 

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