Renowned author and international record-holder Reetwika Banerjee had lit up ‘Literoma Carnival’ – a Literary Talent Show with the launch of her innovative trip diary titled “Travel Tales: Bengal on Wheels” on May 12, 2019, in Kolkata.

“Travel Tales: Bengal on Wheels” by Reetwika Banerjee comprises of twenty off-beat destinations across different districts of West Bengal talking about their forgotten past, local folk-lores, unknown legends, heritage and haunted stories surrounding these unpopular places. Appealing photographs of those edifices taken by the author herself adds the perfect blend to let readers enjoy a visual expedition. The book cover of a century old incomplete mosque speaks a lot about the intriguing contents of the book.

Reetwika said, “I chose to pen my trip diary in English and not in Bengali so that global readers too will get a taste of the hidden wonders of West Bengal. With the success of the book, definitely going ahead it would also boost West Bengal tourism and at the same time, will glorify the heritage aspect of the incidents mentioned in the book.”

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