Imperial Entertainment organized Uttam Kumar Memorial Awards ceremony on August 14, 2018 at Laketown Mukta Mancha, Kolkata. Amitava Bose, owner, Imperial Entertainment handed over the awards to Jayanta Dey (owner, Chutir Thikana), Susmita Chakravarty (vocal artist) and Pranati Saha (singer).

The award ceremony was followed by Hello Kolkata Cultural Fiesta, graced by film personalities like Biplab Chakraborty, Pijush Saha, Birendra Singh, Debabrata, singer Pranati Saha, Aloke Poddar and Susmita Chakravarty. Asish Basak, Editor-Director, Hello Kolkata remarked that such recognition will propel the winners to excel further and also motivate others to work harder for greater success.

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