What Defines a Healthy Relationship With Your Partner?

Partner is a terminology, spouse is a Wikipedia term and hubby is the emotional matrix of the most complex institution in world called Marriage. It’s easy to deliver key note tips but enormously difficult to execute self like a philosophical realizations to make a statement that ”my relationship is healthy with the partner.”

I certainly don’t wish to pen down a sweet literature on how to carry relationship. But here’s a small essay from my own realization that Spouse is the life and LIVE phenomenon of your own judicious exercise of peddling the voyage of life where its not just a relationship; but rather your own metamorphism of dreams going real as like a reel. Canvasing happens automatically and as sparkle of rays blossom so do the darkness and lightning, you just sit as a mute spectator of your own FILM where spouse is the real hero of that film.

Sradhanjali Dasgupta

Now lets go the essay on the canvas you draw, paint and splash the colors with the dazzle stone of dreams, hope,expectation and the execution on all of them.

When he/she is a single to mingle with anyone, living is a racing Bugatti bike where freedom don’t make any stop by hurdles or spike. One is in a self domain where any facial likeness is a addiction and family is a taboo. Doing night party, trekking in mountain any session and making an aimless drive with a loud music is just a chill for self. When you set yourself as an embodiment to live with a person whom u need to stay and hang around for the rest of life then setting spree of motion need a guide regulatory, now don’t tell me its a curbing of freedom .

It’s u need a protocol to guide self how to give dimension to your freedom, u can perform all the DO’S and not DO’S but it should abide to the partner to carry the drive and time of ones self where he/she will be a regular friend to be for all time to come. Meaning a simpler juggle of word he/she is not ZAROORI only rather will be the part and parcel in all your games and motions .So set the jet to Vroom the Vibe then all your post bachelor ship will be a jolliness than a burden.

Million write ups are there , but its you to set the first candy as charming as the caramel sundae u love from your childhood. Its unique for u and she is the most precious persona around the world who is going to garnish your live hood for ever. Emotion is nectar when love is within and it comes in form of your expression on First ever candy u give her.As she will gaze,gauze and measure your gesture in her fantasy scale to build the image of you .It’s the mirror image of all the imagination of self.

Giving candy is a token, your first gift on first dinner will create an aura to feel within that Ur mind-clock don’t tickle anymore and there the heart jingles all the bells and the rhymer is so vibrating it sparkles on your smile, body vibe everything and anything. It lays the first pebble in building your own home not of papa neither of mummy they all assemble in one called family by the foundation pillar your hubby/darling /honey/duke u put all the adjectives into her.

In a consumerist life style we initiate our carrier early and fall in fatal attraction to the other sex no matter we officious in Cincinnati ,Singapore or our own turf Bengaluru, It was a status symbol to be duo than Uni when roaming in social circles and close group partying.Then Expectation touches the cliffhanger and rosy petals disperse away giving a black mole on your own pass by. It haunts and stinks if one attempts burying out the past.

Don’t be in a dogma at all to discuss the past, let’s have the courage to face off, express self, drive out the urge, be honest to let the partner know all your past, your emotion outburst and the small story happened so that from their itself u start pedaling the jolliness and joy with all a new beginning. Driving out the dogma, clears the darkness , it makes the tandem of time to slowly evolve you both to emerge as champion and it makes the stitch in time so that your relationship based on honesty and truthfulness.It makes a healthy, wealthy rainbow and one day you find self at CLOUD 9.

Soliciting partnership is a energy driven engineering where from draft to design and collar to pillar all need eloquence the engine by nobody else but you.Make work and office be coined in its time, rest of the day is your own.You need to be smart enough to make room for your partner in every natty gritty.Like if you are getting back from office just corroborate to bring the launderettes, to catch the basket of fruit and the energy drink and the pill for her thyroid so that it facilitate her to cook a macaroni and a luscious Mexican taco in home. Drop her to workplace, give the tiff inbox with few cookies which she had not prepared due overnight work,when ever possible , it gives a real impetus to encourage her freedom of work.If guest are there aid her in making the party-hoppers a real joy . All lo vein to come to your home as the feel u the most desired host for all the mischief -monger,even crunchy friends to segregate to have the fun n frolic .It will make you a darling in a course of time without your knowledge even and everybody praising GA-GA of your partner.

Jingoism and Ego of earning as a finance power often make hurricane ire in the voyage of life due extreme attitude.
Finance makes freedom , so do it makes fright too.When you institutionalized marriage then life partner is the most solicited body to nurture your goal with Midas touch to your financial prospect to build the biggest dream of life called MY HOME.Its not a real estate neither electronic gadgets to make comfort its you duo who exercise your blood and sweat to achieve financial freedom.So no matter its as small as pebble, make united plan, set small SIP’s, let her be part to make the saving, expense and long term goals with u. exchanging your bachelor time ALTO to New DUSTER will happen, Plasma TV with home theater also, but first discuss free of your finance and so do her earning if any.It will make you both to wish the desire, and will convert your will to expectations and the realty takes.So zero chance of false promise and practical moves to set one after another stones to merge with a strong prosperity with choosing priority .

Often we debate , is it possible to lead life with same person for a century. Hohhot its triumph or a glance of boredom of stagnancy.Just recent the murder mystery of a Media tycoon ‘s worst ever complex relation ship of multiple partner and wife’s prior partners [Sheena Vora Case] and his daughters end of life describes the dangerous outcome of these thought even.So true we don’t dare to galvanize the game rather make others blame.Accepting ones own strength and making pace will inspire your partner to be jovial , vital and a cheer of the living spree.Its not Yoga, neither a gym pumping of multitasking exercise, nor a jogging even. Its one self to galvanize to make every day a Fun day.Make commitment to self to stay fit and healthy so that you will always be energetic to go gully mohalla sport , swimming and little fun to nearby places with your partner to constantly adding spice to the life to splash rainbow of Colors. Be in vigor and make partner sporty , a zest always to face any sequence , hazard and darkness.It will make you and her courageous enough to meet the bald patch of life and harmonize your relation to go [We not i]. Often in a busy schedule of work we forget to add value to partner, and we feel a diamond ring or a lush gold necklace is the only precious one to be gifted.

Run the extra mile to stay fit to make her a fun on your sex.Take less oil and make her learn and add cookeries of different spangle to have always a rejoice of foods at home. Go a few kilometer on return drive to present her favorite jasmine flower and a nectar from local body , it works a radiance of smile which no dollars can buy.All you need is to galvanize the game so that its a saga of ecstasy.

Lifestyle and work pressure made us robotic and dynamism turned into material buy.We often forget that the partner is also passing through same turmoil and we thrust our agony, frustration and depression over her in term of annoyance and yelling.Home is a Rome” so real and fact that philosophy turns poem in each practical day.Home is the ultimate resting cocoon where safety, soothing and sizzling boils into Bliss called love in the pot of emotion.Home is the statement of both where all your material desire burns into ash and it gives blossoming of flower of happiness. Make all your social media, wi-fi, ex-fiancee and all your groups,apps a second seat , feel the curliness of her hair, feel the sweat on her neck, feel the drooling eyes of her tiredness , it will make u joy withing and will automatically set your goal for the century. The ultimate statement of mine to make relationship with your partner happy is”TIME MEMORIAL TO FALL IN LOVE AGAIN AND AGAIN WITH THE SAME PERSON, NO MATTER OF ANY IRE.”

Life is a voyage of bonhomie on the deep blue sea of time, hiccups and nausea are bound to come, all you need is to go, swim, n dive together,as an interwoven string to come out to the coast with flying color n Dazzling smile,that’s called Eternal,some name it LOVE.

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